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New Music: Oh Land – “Son of a Gun”

Danish singer, Nanna Øland Fabricius, in New York City released her debut album March 15th.

Her music video, “Son of  Gun” is intriguing. With looks like Elle Macpherson, this singer has a whimsical voice. Reminiscent of Bjork, Goldfrapp, Oh Land brings her take on snappy, electro pop. The music video phases between dark and pink elements. I like the lights and the on-top-of-a-cloud feeling. The song itself it light, catchy, and slowly grows on you. I resisted at first, but I think what really got me was the xylophone. I love happy sounding instruments, and this song is airy enough to be in the background in a coffee shop, or played on a sunny drive to the beach.

Perhaps an album is worth a once over? What do think of the video and song?

Check out her website here: www.ohlandmusic.com

To view the music video, click on “Watch on Youtube”


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We Speak No Americano, Not A Love Song and Rocket

Since I’ve been writing a lot about dance music lately, let’s keep the trend going this week with “We Speak No Americano”

Last summer’s hit, I like how simple it is. The accent is funny, just simple fun. The music video is fun too.

Also, another song that I liked a while ago was from Uh Huh Her called, “Not A Love Song”. Fans of the show The L Word, probably know this song, as one of the singers is in the show. I loved the music video, the song itself is indie electro pop. I love the little pet unicorn and the 80s look.

While we’re transitioning into indie electro pop, let’s talk about Goldfrapp. “Rocket” has 80s synths, sultry vocals, and the lyrics are tongue-in-cheek. The music video is funny too.

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An Introduction to Ellie Goulding

Quite an introduction indeed.

I stumbled upon this English singer-songwriter, guitarist on Vevo. I posted her “Lights” video in my previous post “Girl Power- Female Music Videos” and I continued to look into her music. I started to fall in love and now I am a fan. That takes a lot for me to become an instant fan.

I checked out her EP, “An Introduction to Ellie Goulding” the only downloadable version for the U.S., there are other albums only available to Europe. How unfortunate. There is also some other songs available online, like the cover of Elton John’s “Your Song”

On her EP, there are four songs “Starry Eyed”, “Guns and Horses”, “The Writer” and “Lights”. I’m not really a fan of “Guns and Horses” but the other songs are very good. I love her soft, innocent voice. Her voice is simply sweet. “Starry Eyed” definitely has a European pop feel to it. I think “Lights” has a more crossover feel. “Lights” has an American electro-pop feel that could rival Goldfrapp and Ladyhawke. I think her voice fits slow ballads and the electro pop as well. When I first heard her voice, it reminded me a little of Florence + the Machine and Bjork. I always categorize artists from previous artists that I’ve heard. I really like her look as well. Very soft features and she has her left side of her hair shaved, so she has a slight rocker edge, even if it’s subtly. It’s hard to find artists that inspire you and also make you want to emulate them. Her lyrics are cute and light. Honestly, I probably could just listen to her talk, her voice is mesmerizing.

I’m eagerly waiting for her to explode into the U.S. market. Although, I am afraid there’s a possibility of that never happening, only because the U.S. market is saturated with songs about sex, anything shocking and hip hop. I’m hoping a great and unique artist like Ellie will find an American audience, because she definitely deserves it.

You can buy her EP here: http://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Ellie-Goulding-EP/dp/B0043CM504/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1296586179&sr=8-1

For some reason I was having trouble finding her again on iTunes.

“Starry Eyed”

“Under the Sheets” not available to U.S. Markets…


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