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New Music: Katy B. and Madonna

Hello Music Fans!

Lately I’ve been listening to Katy B.’s “Still”. A beautiful song and I’m upset she isn’t more popular in the U.S. What’s going on? She has a great look, voice and music! “Still” is a beautiful ballad.

Also, today Madonna released 3 more songs from her upcoming Rebel Heart album which is set to release in March. I’m loving “Hold Tight” out of the three (Joan of Arc and Iconic). The song gets interesting by the chorus.

Hope you enjoy the songs!



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New Music to Check out: Aronchupa

Hey Everyone!

This is the latest track I’ve been listening to. This one’s a banger.

House meets classic French music, this Moulin Rouge meets modern day dance it a hit. It’s already climbing up the Vevo charts and I love working out to this song.

The music video is fun too. My only gripe is that the song is short! Need to find a long remix of this song. Enjoy the video!

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Frozen’s “Let It Go” in 25 Languages

Disney’s “Frozen” has become the highest grossing animated film of all time taking over $1.072 billion at the box office.

I loved the movie and the hit song, “Let It Go” sung by the talented Idina Menzel. I loved her in Rent, so I was glad to see her unique voice crossover from Broadway into Disney.

Disney has released a video of the  25  multi-language singers who sang “Let It Go” for the film. Here you can see behind-the-scenes in this montage and it’s really amazing to see! Just fascinated with seeing all these different languages and singers convey the same meaning. I don’t even know all of these languages! Check it out!





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Meet the Male Adele – John Newman

Discovering one of these kinds of artists makes me excited to be a writer. Last night on Vevo, I happily discovered John Newman’s “Love Me Again” in the Top Trending Music videos of the day.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of the look of Newman, but once he started singing and the chorus kicked in, I was pleasantly surprised and instantly loved the song. The soulful song uses violins, piano and horns, which is produced beautifully and I can’t help of think of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and how that music video lead her to stardom.

Do you think Newman will become a huge star? I think it depends on his followup songs.

“Love Me Again” is available on iTunes with various remixes.

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Edgy Dance Pop – Marina and the Diamonds Releases Electra Heart

Marina and the Diamonds have just released “Electra Heart” in the U.S., which has previously been in the top of the charts in the U.K. Not sure why the U.K. gets these early releases and the U.S. is so cautious about upcoming new pop trends. This also happened with Ellie Goulding and her album which was popular in Europe and finally trickled into American radio here with “Lights”.

Marina and the Diamonds is a refresher from Lady Gaga. If you’re looking for edgy, dance pop, Marina is your girl. “Homewrecker” is on the top of my list, with Ace of Base beats and lyrics that are so true, it hurts. “Power & Control” is fun too, along with “Radioactive”. Her voice is full of soul, and I’d love to see a sing off with her and Lady Gaga. Although, I’ve heard rumors that her live performance is “forced”, which, with these pop personalities should be considered, her music is undeniably catchy and very popular in the indie scene. Will Marina and the Diamonds hit the mainstream American radio soon? Tough to tell when the edgy pop Queen, Lady Gaga retains the throne, but I’d love to see a face off between these two divas and who can be more shocking, lyrically and visually.

Marina and the Diamonds “Radioactive”

Marina and the Diamonds “Power & Control”

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Gone Gone Gone – Usher, 80s and 90s

Well, I’ve been gone for a looong time! Moved to San Francisco, starting things over here, but the journey never ends…

Right now in music, I’ve been listening to Usher’s latest. “Climax” and “Scream” are already proving to be some of the top songs in Usher’s career, if not best ever in my opinion. His voice has changed so much that myself and others have even questioned who the singer was! His high vocal range and blend from low to high notes are flawless. I like the new hairdo. I wish his style would change. I would think Usher would be an even bigger star if he knew how to evolve into different styles as his predecessor, Michael Jackson has done in his music videos. Usher just has the same shades, jacket and ripped arms… which are fine, but I really believe he has potential to be an even bigger star if he just took that EXTRA step into evolving into different looks and styles to stay current and fresh.

Here’s a look at “Scream” from SNL, a great enough music video IMHO.

I’ve also taken a step back in time, to 90s dance and 80s Pop. Listening to Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven on Earth” and Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” along with Everything But the Girl’s “Missing”. Ah, these songs make me happy and still are fun.


May 29, 2012 · 5:08 pm

Florence + The Machine “No Light, No Light” and “Heartlines”

I’m really digging the latest Florence + the Machine album.

With Florence + the Machine, I’m listening to “No Light, No Light” and “Heartlines”. The music video for “No Light, No Light” is really something. This album has religious tones, questioning what’s right and wrong, redemption, ways to happiness, and completely soulful all the while. I love  the complete disregard to what’s popular on the radio and just going their own different direction. I love the soul, I love her voice and the unique sound. With their previous album, “Lungs” , I loved the songs fervently and then grew tired of them. I hope the same doesn’t happen to this album.

The drums in “Heartlines” is refreshing. This is the only video I thought had good enough quality to hear the song. I like the chorus chants, and the lyrics.

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The Tings Tings – Hands (Low Sunday Remix)

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for being MIA for so long. I had a trip Memorial Day weekend to San Francisco. Was quite busy running around, but I’m back.

Here is a remix of the Tings Tings song “Hands”. I heard this song quite a while ago and I was waiting for it to explode on the radio… and I never heard it. I thought it would have gotten a bigger buzz. I know the song was released in other countries before hitting the US. I don’t know what happened to the marketing of this song, but I was going through my playlist and remember this remix. Check it out, and I hope you like!



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Stereo Love, Pumped Up Kicks, yeah, I Like That

Here’s some new, interesting music for you. The accordion is making a comeback in Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull’s “On the Floor” and in Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina’s  “Stereo Love”. “Stereo Love” kind of reminds me of dance music in the late 90s. It’s feels like tropical, vacation music.

A song I heard on the radio today for the first time, was “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. Apparently, this was a demo song that got leaked and became popular. Take a listen.

I song I just really like, even though it’s controversial is “I Like That” by Richard Vission & Static Revenger feat. Luciana. It kind of reminds me of Benny Benassi and I really like that hard house sound.


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Mr. Hudson Feat. Kanye West, Chipmunk feat. Keri Hilson and Eric Turner in Street Fighting Man

The new way to hear about artists? Have them featured with today’s biggest artists.

I like this music trend, where artists take other newcomers under their wing, collaborate and bring to light these new talents.

I really like Mr. Hudson’s “Supernova”. I actually could really do without Kayne’s rap. I like the music video, I know lights in music videos are going to get bigger and bigger.

Chipmunk has Keri Hilson in, “In the Air”. It’s just a light-hearted song.

I was also wondering who Eric Turner was in the song “Written in the Stars” with Tinie Tempah. He’s a Swedish/American singer, in a band called Street Fighting Man. Not a big fan, but I’m excited to see what is coming next in Turner’s career, as I loved, “Written in the Stars”.

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