Indie Artists

If you’re too lazy to go through all my blogs to check out new indie artists, don’t fret, my pet! Here is a list of all the indie artists that have appeared on this blog and will continue to grow with future indie artists I mention.

Check out these Indie Artists and support them!

Kimly – Young, energetic singer with lots of potential

Kelsey Skaggs – Young singer/songwriter. Think Taylor Swift.

Cory Lamb – Rock/pop music with a message.

Saints of Valory – Similar to Colplay/Kings of Leon

Gaby Moreno – Guatemalan Singer/songwriter

Almost Gold – Pop/Punk rock

Of Verona – indie rock

Dave Thomas – Accordion God

L.P. – Blondie meets chipmunk (in a good way)

Kim Divine – Mellow music, almost like Jewel

Brent Cates – John Mayer sound

Sister Crayon – Electronic Rock, Sacramento native band

2 responses to “Indie Artists

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  2. Incrdible shares, old friend!
    By the way, I was overjoyed to see your digital footprint on my blog.
    Its been too long!

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