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Of Verona and Blaqstarr Live at the Music Box in the New Music Seminar

Last night on Valentine’s Day, I attended the New Music Seminar’s Opening Party at the Music Box in Hollywood, CA. The New Music Seminar is a three day event to learn about the music business. You can find out more information here

Several acts performed that night, although, I just want to report on the ones I liked (because this blog is about music I like, and not so much on ragging on stuff I don’t like), and two of those artists that performed were Of Verona and Blaqstarr.

Of Verona, a band with members from Brooklyn and Canada nestled here in LA, is a new rock band, being MTV’s “Bands to know in 2011”. The lead singer, Mandy Perkins, lead an amazing show. She had spot on vocals, energy, presence and a unique look. Of Verona set an upbeat, although mellow mood in the Music Box theater. They had the crowd moving and really digging the music.

Check out their EP here:

They performed Match, Raining and a couple of other songs. This band is totally worth live. They made my night.

Following was Blaqstarr.

Very fun. The music had heavy bass, repeating hooks, funky dance beats and the crowd was definitely dancing and getting down. At one point, Blaqstarr got to the DJ turntables and was spinning himself. He stopped the music and said that since it was Valentine’s Day, he was getting a message to play a certain song, then proceeded to play “Candlelight” and a singer came out to sing the song. Blaqstarr is from Baltimore and is known for working with M.I.A.

Check out both of these artists. Both are great live, definitely worth seeing.

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NARIP Music Biz Brunch

I’ve been joining NARIP’s music business brunches for networking in Los Angeles. I recently wrote an article for the last networking event, and it’s posted on their home page here:

NARIP in their mission statement says, “The National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) promotes education, career advancement and good will among record executives. With an emphasis on becoming better informed and more effective, NARIP offers professional development opportunities, educational programs and seminars, the opportunity to meet and interact with peers, a job bank, a member resume database for employers, a mentor network, a newsletter and other services. NARIP was created specifically for record industry professionals.

So, if you’re a fellow musician, audio engineer, producer, DJ, singer-songwriter, record label owner, publisher, etc. This group has a lot of interesting events to go to to network, and learn more about the music business.

Haha, ok, enough plugging, the next post will feature more music, I promise 😉 (I just thought it was pretty cool to get my article onto their website).

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