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Indie Artist to Checkout: Kimly

I got to see Kimly perform once, and I was so excited about her performance, that I bought her CD.

She was very cute, very energetic. My favorite song was “Good Evening”. This is the only video I can find of her performing, but when I saw her perform, she was way more energetic, jumping around the stage and making jokes. I got to talk to her afterwards and she was a sweetheart.

I hesitated posting her on this blog, only because she doesn’t have high quality recordings. The EP that I bought wasn’t unfortunately a great recording. I thought she was much better live, more energetic and louder. I felt the recording lacked back-up vocals and the right instrumentation. Kimly definitely has a different energy and potential, she needs the backing of a good manager or record label to push her into the right place. I hope she continues singing, because I liked her a lot, she just needs the right recordings and professional help to send her into the limelight. Check out her website here:


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Indie Artist to Check Out: Kelsey Skaggs “Facebook Admirer”

Since it’s kind of hard for me to pin down a day to talk about indie artists, I’m going to change the title of these posts from “Indie Artist Mondays” to “Indie Artist to Check Out:”

I found Kelsey on Myspace two years ago. I thought her song, “Facebook Admirer” was an instant hit. She’s still working on music, and I hope things get better for her, her lyrics are cute and right to the point. Skaggs is 19 years old and from Ohio.

Check out a Youtube of her performing live below and check out her website here:


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Another Belated Indie Artist Monday- Saints of Valory

Ah, I’m off my game! Maybe I should make it Indie Artist Tuesdays??? Haha.

Fans of Coldplay and Kings of Leon will definitely like this band from Austin, Texas. Check out their Facebook page here: I like the song, “Sweet Disarray”

Check out this Youtube video here, but definitely check out their music on iTunes and their FB page.

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Indie Artist Mondays: M.4.T.P. – Collective Indie Artist Release & Los Angeles Downtown Artwalk

For this week’s Indie Artist Mondays, I’m going to write a personal blog about musicians that I know here in LA.

M.4.T.P. (Music for the People) is a compilation album of indie artists. My friend and previous beat maker for my release, “Butterfly” (available on iTunes, look up my name Elena Ovalle “Butterfly”), Dane Diamond, has put together various indie artists and is releasing a series of EPs. The music has various genres, from pop to indie rock.

To hear some tracks, click on this link:

A release party for M.4.T.P. “The Heart as a Theory” will be at Los Angeles Downtown Artwalk this Thursday, April 14th, 8pm -11pm. There will be free copies of the release at the event. Every month  in Los Angeles, there is an artwalk of local artists that has grown very popular. You can check out the Facebook invitation here:

Here is the Downtown LA Artwalk WordPress site:

Check out the links, music, and drop by the Artwalk in Downtown LA this Thursday if you’re in town.


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Indie Artist Mondays: Gaby Moreno

I’ve been on hiatis from this blog this past week because I’ve been busy looking for a new place to move into and a new job, plus mixing a new song and other things. I got a new job and a new place to move into today, it’s funny how things happen all at once. I’m still reeling because in a week everything is going to change, so it’s a lot. But, let’s go forward here.

Here’s my second installment of Indie Artist Mondays, like I said, it’s quite difficult to keep finding indie artists every week to talk about, but for now, so far so good.

For this week’s Indie Artist Mondays, I’m introducing you to the Guatemalan singer, Gaby Moreno. I was first acquainted with Moreno at a performance for Los Angeles Women in Music (LAWiM) Singer/Songwriter night. Moreno’s voice was unique; she has a disarming personality in person. Calm, positive and soulful, Gaby Moreno commands a stage presence, and her voice sucks you right in. You can tell she’s a sweet heart too. Her music is indie-soul.

Gaby has been getting a lot of buzz here in LA as well. I hear a lot of music professionals talking about her talent. She’s touring the U.S. right now and has an album releasing April 5th called Illustrated Songs.

Check out her out!

Gaby’s website:

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Indie Artist Mondays: Almost Gold “Better Than This”

I’ve really been wanting to dedicate a day of the week to writing about indie artists. I write about a lot of popular music, but I also wanted to promote good indie musicians/bands. Being an indie musician myself, I feel it’s important to help out my fellow artists.

This is a tough one to keep up, because I only want to talk about indie artists “I” like. I don’t want to promote just anyone. This blog is about music I believe is good, whether it’s mainstream or not.

All right, so that being said, hopefully I can keep finding new indie artists to keep reporting on every Monday, and if I skip a week or so, please forgive me in advance, as I only strive to bring you quality music to this blog and will not report on music that I personally can’t endorse.

Now, for our first Indie Artist Monday… Almost Gold “Better Than This”. A Boston pop punk, powerpop band that engaged my interests with the name. How did I find this band? Well, back in 2009 I did A&R talent scouting for an indie record label, and Almost Gold was one of the artists that I was going to put on a compilation album I put together. I was just about to get them to sign onto the project… but at the last minute they decided to re-record their songs, some stuff happened, I don’t know, and it never happened.

And now, I see not really much has happened. Unfortunately. But, this song, “Better Than This” is radio-ready. Indie rock, upbeat and very catchy. I love the intro to the song. They kind of remind me 3OH!3. There are a ton of bands with this kind of sound, but Almost Gold has a great song with “Better Than This”. I’m not sure if they’re moving on with their music, I haven’t seen anything change. I know these things take a while. You can go to their Purevolume site to download a free copy of “Better Than This” here:

Hopefully, they move forward with their music. If not, at least you can hear some good music right now.

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