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Dance Remixes

In honor of the new remix album for Tron Legacy Reconfigured, I wanted to list some of my favorite remixes. Hope you enjoy!




Madonna – “Frozen” (Franck Martinez remix 2009)

An amazing remix of “Frozen”


La Roux – “I’m Not Your Toy” (Jackbeats Remix)

The instruments on this remix is totally different. Ethereal and funky at the same time.


Miike Snow – “Silvia” (Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix)

A hauntingly beautiful remix.


30 Seconds to Mars “Kings and Queens” (LA Riots Vocal Mix)

Very upbeat, dancey version of “Kings and Queens”


Cher “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” (Dave Aude Radio Edit)

It’s Cher! There’s no other voice like that.


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Music This Minute

What am I listening to right now? Well, it jumps around from what I feel like. A little anguish and frustration, so 30 Seconds to Mars “Hurricane” and “Search and Destroy” and “Alibi” fit that feeling pretty well.

When I first heard this song “Parachute”, I heard it from a European singer Cheryl Cole. I wasn’t really a fan of it. I really liked her song, “Fight for this Love”. I just didn’t like the song that much. I was disappointed after liking “Fight for this Love” so much.

But then I heard Ingrid Michaelson’s version. I wasn’t really feeling it at first, being disappointed from Cheryl Cole’s version, but then I really started to dig it. Turns out, Ingrid Michaelson wrote the song for Cheryl Cole and then released it herself. The way Michaelson sings it, was the true version of the song.

And since I was downloading her version of “Parachute” I went ahead and got “Breakable”.

I was also listening to Enrique Iglesia’s “Tonight I’m Loving You” or the naughty version. Eh. It’s funny how I think back to how Madonna had music videos that were banned for being too racy, and now? Oh boy. Now you can get away with anything, especially if you’re a man. 30 Seconds to Mars with their director’s cut of “Hurricane” and Enrique’s naughty videos are borderline softcore porn. Do I think it’s bad? Yes and no. I think children shouldn’t see it, and these videos online isn’t helping anyone. But, I do believe in freedom of expression. And I think at the end of the day, it’s art and I enjoy art and understand that it’s art.

2011 is an interesting year for music videos. I liked how Lady Gaga brought back the music video and artists are being creative again.

Well, I’ll be posting the next interesting music video I come across. Thanks for reading.

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30 Seconds to Mars Live at the Pomona Fox Theater

Recently I have become a 30 Seconds to Mars fan. Upon hearing that they were touring for their hit album “This Is War”, I searched through Craigslist, got tickets the day before and went to see the band in Pomona, CA on January 14th at the Fox Theater.

Opening for 30 Seconds to Mars was Middle Class Rut, a duo that completely rocked out. A guitar player and a drummer who both sang and at one point, the drummer was so frustrated with his vocal mic falling over, that he picked up the mic stand, threw it on his drum set and continued playing like the rock star he was. After the song, he explained the teleprompter told him to throw his mic on the drums.

For a duo, they were extremely impressive, they had the energy and the sound to rock out the crowd and I’m looking forward to hearing them in the future. Their song, “New Low” was one of my favorites. http://www.myspace.com/middleclassrut

30 Seconds to Mars came onstage to a crowd of screaming girls. I didn’t realize their fan base consisted of mostly rocker chicks. Silly me. Jared Leto strutted onto stage with sunglasses and a black furry jacket. I couldn’t help but laugh. Seriously? Are we back in the 80s? I guess that’s the kind of rock star he is. Leto maintained his fierce rocker energy through out the show. Running around the whole stage and when he finally took of the jacket and sunglasses, I could see his wild eyes. I guess it’s the actor thing, he’s just committed onstage.

During the middle of the set, Leto called out two people sitting in the balcony, telling them to get up and jump along with the rest of the crowd. I’m not a huge fan of jumping, but the energy in the crowd was contagious.

A part of me wanted to see 30 Seconds to Mars in an arena. I felt like it was a big band on a little stage. Leto definitely needs more room to run around on stage and work up the crowd, not that he didn’t already, but I just felt like there could have been more potential in the show they presented.

“Search and Destroy” was one of my favorites of the night, when Leto screams, “I’m a whore!” lifting his shirt amidst all the screaming girls. (Seriously, I didn’t think there would be so many screaming girls at the concert). Some of the slower songs, “Alibi” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” were a nice touch to showcase Leto’s voice. And speaking of Leto’s voice, my BIGGEST complaint of the night was that he wasn’t singing enough, he let the crowd sing the majority of the choruses. Yeah, it’s fun once in a while, but I paid to hear him sing, not a karaoke version of the crowd. That was disappointing.

The concert consisted of songs from the “This is War” album, “Night of the Hunter”, “Closer to the Edge” and the encore songs were “Hurricane” and “Kings and Queens”. I was waiting for “Hurricane” the whole night, after seeing their racy unedited music video on Vevo, I was even more intrigued with the band (and the review of the music video is for another blog entirely). The last song, “Kings and Queens” members from the crowd were allowed onstage. I bet those screaming rocker chicks just loved that!

The bass was insane at the Fox Theater, the sound was good. I had some gripes, although I had fun at the concert.

If I ever do see 30 Seconds to Mars again, it would have to be at an arena, I feel like big spaces is their natural territory, for the sound and for the show itself.

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The Ultimate Workout Music Mix

Hanz and Franz here, and we’re going to PUMP you UP!

Ok, seriously, here is a list of songs that are good for working out. For jogging and speed walking. (What? You don’t speed walk? It’s good for lengthening muscles and low impact for bad knees, etc.)” There is a mix of trance, dance, rock, remixes and pop for your workout pleasure. Enjoy and let me know which songs you like!


For running:

“Dangerous Power (Gabriel & Dresden Extended Mix)” – Gabriel & Dresden.

“Harrier” – Ashley Wallbridge

“Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix)” – Madonna

” Closer to the Edge” – 30 Seconds to Mars

“3” – Britney Spears

“Escape Me (Feat. C.C. Sheffield)” – Tiesto

“Who Wants to be Alone (feat. Nelly Furtado)” – Tiesto

“Naturally (Dave Aude Radio Remix) – Selena Gomez & the Scene

“Here Comes the Rain Again” –  N.R.C.

“The Beautiful People (From ‘Burlesque‘)” –  Christina Aguilera

“Flashback” – Calvin Harris

“Bulletproof (Manhattan Clique Remix Radio)” – La Roux

“Give it 2 Me (Jody Den Broeder Club Edit)” – Madonna

“Winner” – Nuttin’ But Strings

“Waiting” – Dash Berlin & Emma Hewitt

“Strawberry Swing” – Coldplay

“Young Folks” – Peter, Bjorn & John

“He Lives in You [Reprise]” – The Lion King Musical Soundtrack (Now I know this one is a little weird, but hear my out, right at 1:17 when then chorus starts and you hear the background voices chanting and it keeps getting louder, you’re going to run a lot faster by the end of this song. Great for sprinting.)

“La Noyee” & “La Valse D’Amelie” – Amelie Soundtrack (You’re probably think I’m crazy here, but great orchestrations can really get me running. It’s also fun to be running to such dramatic music.)

“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me (Dave Aude Radio Remix)” – Cher (It’s frickin’ Cher!)

” A Praise Chorus” – Jimmy Eat World

“L’amour Et  Le Violence” – Rejected – SL3 vs. Sebastian Tellier (This song is heart achingly beautiful.)

“Sylvia (Tiesto Remix)” – Miike Snow

“Just Stop Believin (Lady Gaga vs. Journey) – DJ Tripp

“Human (Ocelots Remix)” – The Killers


For Speed walking:

“Desert Rose (Melodic Club Mix Radio Edit)” – Sting

“Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” – Shakira (This one is very upbeat, great pace for speed walking.)

“I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)” – La Roux

“Miss Independent” – Ne-Yo

“Here  (In Your Arms) [Young Americans Remix] – Hellogoodbye

(I will have to add another list for speed walking. I’m running out of steam here after the long running music list. I’ll be back with more workout music for speed walking)


Bonus: For Uphill Climbing:

“Alejandro” – Lady Gaga (The slow but upbeat song works perfectly for a steady pace going uphill.)

“Let’s Get Lost” – Beck & Bat For Lashes

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Back to Robert Miles, Seriously?

I feel like I must be going through some changes.

As I said in my earlier post, music is a reflection of how you’re feeling. I must be having some different feelings lately.

I think you can find out a hell of a lot from a person just by what music they listen to. If someone is kind of boring, the music they listen to is kind of plain, or the easy “standards” and they don’t deviate to anything “crazy” like trance.

I think trance is some of the most progressive music out there. I like meeting people who listen to trance, because I think they REALLY think outside of the box.

Anyways, back to what I’m listening to now. I sometimes think of the “Ever After” trailer, the Cinderella story back in the 90s w/ Drew Barrymore, I personally feel like I live my own Cinderella story. (Mother dies, being broke, and other stuff I won’t post on the internet) so I think of that movie from time to time and I think that trailer was brilliant in the music choices. I’ve been in some kind of mellow-wanting-to-escape kind of mood, so I’ve been looking up new music on iTunes, came across Oceanlab and back to Robert Miles and “Fable” which was the song on the “Ever After” trailer.

Jeez, to hear a trance song in a movie trailer like that… was really once in a long time kind of thing. I don’t really hear that kind of trance in movie trailer. Maybe some Matrix sounding stuff, but not the melodic, progressive trance.

So, into that kind of music again.

And then I went WAY back, yes, to what I used to listen to in high school, J-Pop and K-Pop. Yes, I liked H.O.T., a korean boy band. I liked the song Outside Castle

I loved the mix of contemporary music meets pop and those guys voices are good.

And I went and bought Ayumi Hamasaki’s (the Queen of J-Pop) remix album “Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance” Although, the remix album I had back in high school was WAY better. These DJs weren’t really matching the beats w/ her voice correctly. I think Ferrry Corsten did a good job w/ “A Song for XX” because that was a different take on Ayumi.

This DJ did a good remix on “Fly High” 

I also liked a little Gackt with Oasis (Mars Version).

So, the next albums I’m contemplating on buying are Above & Beyond “Tri-State” and Oceanlab’s “Sirens of the Sea”.

Some music choices I make are hastily or takes me a while to be “bought”. Like, “hm…. do I REALLY want this song?” So, I’m contemplating it.

So, my conclusion. What “am” I feeling lately?

Stress, wanting to relax, anxious for change to come. My life lately has been stagnant and I’m anxious for change. I want change to come faster, I’m tired of waiting. It’s coming… but when? I am also not really sad. Not incredibly happy… so I think that’s where the slow progressive trance fits, the time standing still and melancholy kind of feel. The alt. rock music in my opinion fits closely to that feeling. When I usually listen to rock, I’ll listen to John Mayer, Coldplay, 30 Seconds to Mars, etc. It can be downtempo, but it’s still catchy. Listening to Miike Snow and The Temper Trap is a departure for me. I feel like I should start turning into a Silverlake hipster, as I imagine Silverlake hipsters listen to that kind of music…

Again, music doesn’t lie, people do.

Yeah, I dunno what that means either.


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