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Perform this Way – Weird Al’ Latest

Weird Al is still alive and kicking, apparently.

Weird Al released his latest music video parodying Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”.

I enjoyed this crass display, a little hard to watch his face on a woman’s body, but as the music video moves along, it gets more funny, I like the Madonna reference.

I hope Weird Al keeps releasing music videos.


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Britney Spears – “I Wanna Go”

I think Brit is looking her best yet in her latest music video, “I Wanna Go”. Fighting against the Paparazzi and police enforcement. It’s a weird, silly music video, with a nod to Michael Jackson. It is what is is, a Britney Spears music video. Fans will be delighted, the song itself is catchy. I find that the chorus is just manipulated synthesizer/auto tune notes. It’s fun, it’s pop and take it for what it is.

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Kelis – 4th of July (Fireworks)

Kelis latest song, “4th of July (Fireworks)”. Is a sultry, piano/synth driven track. This song isn’t as good as her “Acapella” song. I like Kelis, she’s come a long way from her “Milkshake” days. She’s more mature, and becoming a diva in her own right.

Here is the music video:

I am a fan of “Acapella”. I never got to put up this music video in the past, because I started this blog after when this song first came out. The music video is entrancing, and the the song is unique and catchy.

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Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber “Next to You”

What happens when two Pop Boy Idols come together to make a music video?

Armageddon, apparently.

In this mini Armageddon movie, Chris Brown comes back as a blond with Justin Bieber in tow. They each have their love interests, and declare their undying love.

I think this is an excellent collaboration. Brown and Bieber’s voices compliment each other. Bieber’s high voice against Brown’s sultry voice combines together quite well. They should consider a boy band or more collaborations together.

Chris Brown shows off his latest dance moves, a la Michael Jackson. He definitely has Michael Jackson as an influence, he also executes the Usher glide flawlessly. In the end, I believe he is wacking. Wacking is a type of dance movie, I believe, correct me if I’m wrong if he’s doing another type of dance move. Wacking is an eccentric New York style of dance, that is a combination of Voguing and it almost looks like you’re dancing off beat, but you’re not.

Bieber doesn’t dance, which is a shame, because I think Usher has taught him some moves, so Bieber and Brown should have danced together a little more. I think teenage girls all over the nation are freaking out over this video. Personally, I like the song a lot. Kind of reminds me of the Backstreet Boy days I grew up in as a teenager (yes, I’m feeling quite old now).

As for Brown’s career, he has been making a comeback with songs like “Deuces” and “YeahX3”. I think “Next to You” will be one of his biggest comeback songs. Pairing with Bieber is a very smart move. Although, I still can’t get that picture of bruised Rihanna out of my head when I think of Chris Brown, I think he needs to work a bit more to completely win the public back.

I feel like both of these artists are just on the cusp of their prime. Bieber is growing up, very noticably in this music video. He’s taller, face is leaner. He really has a long musical career ahead of him if he’s smart and continues to grow as an artist. Brown’s voice and dance moves continue to impress, and I think the difficulties he’s had in life might push him to be an even better artist. I think these two will really blow up in the next five years, again, if they both play their cards right and continue blossoming as artists.

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Lady Gaga “Edge of Glory” and Katy Perry “Last Friday Night” and Julie Feeney’s “Impossibly Beautiful”

I have to admit, I didn’t like “The Edge of Glory” when I first heard it. It’s grown on me, I think I just like singing it more than listening to it, to be honest. I’m already planning on doing an acoustic cover of it.

What’s great about the music video, is that it’s just Lady Gaga, no back-up dancers, no other tricks. Just her make-up and clothes posing on a fire escape. I like the 80s/90s vibes. It reminds me of Janet Jackson in “The Pleasure Principle”. It works and has to be one of my favorite Lady Gaga videos. It feels stripped down and real.

Also, fighting in the next corner in this Pop battle, is Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”. A huge nod to the 80s. Kenny G, Hanson, one of the “Corys”, Debbie Gibson and several 80s references bring back this blast from the past. It’s like the movie, “She’s All That” and “Sixteen Candles”. It’s cute, entertaining and Katy Perry is charming.

I mostly just like the music video. I think like the audience for this song are teenagers, but the video can be enjoyed by anyone and should be watched. What’s funny is that in both of these videos, there are saxophone solos. Is the saxophone the new summer sound? Both of these videos have 80s elements, saxophone solos, and that’s where the comparison ends. Lady Gaga’s lyrics are more meaningful and Katy Perry’s is fun and light hearted. Can’t really compare the two videos, but they are both fun to watch.

I also had a chance to interview Julie Feeney, an Irish singer/songwriter/composer. Her album “Pages” just released in the U.S. and she just wrapped up a mini tour in the U.S. She was a pleasure to talk to and my interview with her will be up soon on my music Examiner page.

Check out her creative, “Impossibly Beautiful” music video.


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Michaela Wallace, singer of “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” Interview

I just recently had an interview with Michaela Wallace, singer of “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend”. She’s a 15 year old singer/songwriter from Missouri who wrote this song and got 2 million views on YouTube and debuted at #32 on the singer/songwriter iTunes charts.

She was in LA for a few days, and I got to sit down and talk with her about her success and what’s next in her career. Below is a snippet of the article and click on the link to view the rest of the article and view the music video on my Examiner page.

Michaela Wallace in L.A., Writing new song, “News” and Gearing Up for Camplified

If you’ve heard anything about music in the past few years, most likely you’ve heard of Justin Bieber. Fifteen-year old, Michaela Wallace decided to write a song for fans of Justin Bieber, called, “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” which resulted in two million views on Youtube, and reached #32 on the Singer/Songwriter charts on iTunes. Her EP of the same name is available nationwide.

Michaela Wallace, originally from Missouri, was in Los Angeles for a few days on a media tour and I got to sit down with her to find out more about her beginnings, how the journey has been from living in Missouri to writing music in Nashville and what’s next in her career. Currently writing a new song called, “News”, Wallace is also spending her time rehearsing with her band in Nashville and prepping for a summer tour at Camplified Summer 2011, summer concerts for teens and tweens. 

Wallace definitely has the Missouri accent, wearing an “M” silver necklace; she is just seemingly another fifteen-year old girl, although with a virally popular song. We sat met in the Los Angeles Sunset Junction to talk about her career.

ELENA OVALLE: When you started writing, “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” did you ever imagine that it would garner two million views on Youtube?

Continue reading on Michaela Wallace in L.A., Writing new song, “News” and Gearing Up for Camplified – Los Angeles Music |

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Foo Fighters “Walk”

“I never wanna die, I’m dancing on my grave.”

The Foo Fighters are back with their second single, “Walk” from their latest album, “Wasting Light”. The song starts off mellow and slow, and picks up after a minute. Foo Fighters are one of those bands that will always sound classic and contemporary.

The song is about starting again, falling and getting back up to walk again. A theme that a lot of Americans can relate to, with the economy and job rates low. It is a difficult time, still. It’s good bands like the Foo Fighters are writing inspiring songs, Americans need that right about now.

For the music video, it starts off with LA traffic. Living in LA, I can relate. You spend a lot of time driving. This video is funny too, with Dave Grohl freaking out.


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Michael Jackson “Behind the Mask Project” Fan Made Video

A fan made music video for one of Michael Jackson’s last releases is now on the singer’s Facebook page through Vevo.

Click here to view the video on Michael Jackson’s Facebook page.

Not one of my favorite MJ songs, but I like the idea of the fan made video. There are Michael Jackson impersonators, dancers and people singing into the web cameras, tattoos and a lot of moon walking.

I think it’s a nice tribute to the King of Pop.







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New Indie Artist Page Added

To make things easier on this blog to navigate through, I will be adding new pages to help you sift through the content on the blog.

First up, is a list of all the indie artists I have mentioned throughout this whole blog, so if you don’t feel like rummaging through all my blogs, or don’t want to check out the “Indie Artists” tag, this page will list all the indie artists, a short description of the artist and a direct link to the blog they were mentioned in.

Nifty, huh?

I also want to do a Genre page, to find music genres easier on this blog. Let me know if you have any ideas of your own to help your experience of finding good music on this blog!


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Coldplay’s Latest – “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”

Time for some for some new Coldplay. I like it. I’ve always been a fan of Coldplay. I like the mellow, driving rhythms. Something to daydream to, stare out the car window and wonder what’s beyond the sunset. Coldplay’s latest release, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” is currently Number 3 on iTunes. Coldplay has a lot of good songs, this may not top the rest, but I like hearing new Coldplay songs, and this song has a positive, upbeat tempo, with squealing guitars and the almost military drumbeat they’re known for. Thumbs up and I want to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.


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