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Lady Gaga “Edge of Glory” and Katy Perry “Last Friday Night” and Julie Feeney’s “Impossibly Beautiful”

I have to admit, I didn’t like “The Edge of Glory” when I first heard it. It’s grown on me, I think I just like singing it more than listening to it, to be honest. I’m already planning on doing an acoustic cover of it.

What’s great about the music video, is that it’s just Lady Gaga, no back-up dancers, no other tricks. Just her make-up and clothes posing on a fire escape. I like the 80s/90s vibes. It reminds me of Janet Jackson in “The Pleasure Principle”. It works and has to be one of my favorite Lady Gaga videos. It feels stripped down and real.

Also, fighting in the next corner in this Pop battle, is Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”. A huge nod to the 80s. Kenny G, Hanson, one of the “Corys”, Debbie Gibson and several 80s references bring back this blast from the past. It’s like the movie, “She’s All That” and “Sixteen Candles”. It’s cute, entertaining and Katy Perry is charming.

I mostly just like the music video. I think like the audience for this song are teenagers, but the video can be enjoyed by anyone and should be watched. What’s funny is that in both of these videos, there are saxophone solos. Is the saxophone the new summer sound? Both of these videos have 80s elements, saxophone solos, and that’s where the comparison ends. Lady Gaga’s lyrics are more meaningful and Katy Perry’s is fun and light hearted. Can’t really compare the two videos, but they are both fun to watch.

I also had a chance to interview Julie Feeney, an Irish singer/songwriter/composer. Her album “Pages” just released in the U.S. and she just wrapped up a mini tour in the U.S. She was a pleasure to talk to and my interview with her will be up soon on my music Examiner page.

Check out her creative, “Impossibly Beautiful” music video.


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Blast from the Past Fridays – Back in the Day Cartoons: Jetsons the Movie and The Chipmunks Adventure

Cartoons from the past rocked way harder than whatever it is that they show today.

To prove my theory, here are songs from The Jetson’s Movie and The Chipmunks movie. Original songs, not CGI chipmunks singing the latest Beyonce hits. Oh yeah, and did I mention I love the 80s/early 90s? The Jetsons movie is based on the Jetson’s moving to another part of the galaxy, and of course I liked Judy’s character. Dating a rock star, and then this blue guy. This song, “You and Me” was sung by the Pop queen at the time, Tiffany.

For The Chipmunk Adventure, the chipmunks travel around the world looking for dolls with special diamonds inside of them. Of course, I like the girl chipmunks.

Both of these songs has 80s pop/rock elements. In the Chipmunk Adventure, the girls are versus the boys, and they sing that in, “The Girls of Rock and Roll”.

There’s not really any cartoons like this, and I really love the heart in these kinds of movies. Pixar is probably the best company for heart-felt cartoons in the present.


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Blast from the Past Fridays – Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams”

I heard this song, and oh, the 80s nostalgia… I love the 80s, and this song is great.

For its time, this music video was cutting edge. It was number one on the Billboard’s chart and was featured in the 80s film, License to Drive. It was also shown in Conan O’Brien’s premiere in the Tonight Show.

Happy Friday!


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Blast from the Past Fridays- Natalie Imbruglia “Torn”

Ah, the 90s.

People have been talking about how Pop and Dance music are reminiscent of the 80s. I agree, although I have to argue the 90s are coming back in full swing as well. Lady Gaga has said she was inspired by Ace of Base, and some of her songs are just like certain Ace of Base songs.

Anyways, throwing back to the 90s, the 90s was a decade of the female singer-songwriter. Alanis Morrisette was the queen of angst-ridden female rock music. This song, “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia was THE karaoke song to sing. All the girls would gather around a karaoke bar and sing this song. Everyone would join in. I was reminded of this song walking through the mall, and you STILL want to sing along to it.

I mean, haven’t you lied “naked on the floor”?

Do you have any memories of this song?


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Why is Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own” Relevant?

Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own” could have come straight from an John Hughes 80s teen movie.

When I first heard this song, it didn’t make a dent in my day, I just kept moving on to the next song. I wasn’t so thrilled with the song. Back in September, I saw Robyn perform at the MTV VMAs. She had a very short performance, I remember her up on a tier, dancing and singing, and she really stood out from the other artists performing that night. She doesn’t look like a Beyonce, but she had an energy that was all her own and she was enigmatic. I wanted to see her perform longer.

So, I went back to listening to “Dancing on my Own”. I tried listening to other Robyn songs, and they haven’t clicked with me either. Being a single girl, I can definitely relate to this song. I think every girl has had this feeling, where they are wondering why the guy they like, is with some other stupid chick, haha! But seriously, everyone can relate to this feeling. The song is also 80s inspired pop, and having myself been watching a lot of 80s movies lately, this song would work perfectly in Teen Witch, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, etc. I can see some redheaded angst-ridden teen in a montage to this song.

I also think this song is geared for women, and has an innocent feel to it. It’s refreshing from other love songs and has something different to say. I would like to see Robyn keep pushing forward and hopefully we will hear more from her soon.

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