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Female Returning Hit Makers and News Makers

I didn’t get to listen to Janet Jackson’s new album until recently. Boy, I was missing out. Her song, “Shoulda Known Better” is simply gorgeous. It reminds me faintly of Jackson’s “Every Time”. Soft vocals and a faint 90s/00s vibe. Love it. It’s a hit. Oh, Ms. Jackson, how I never knew I missed you so. I guess I shoulda known better.

And speaking of blast’s from the past, Missy Elliot’s new hit single “WTF (Where They From)” is back to school these kids how it’s done. With puppets, Pharrell, dancing and the creative mind of Missy Elliot, she shows she’s unstoppable. So refreshing to hear her come back.

Also, other music I’m listening to, Calvin Harris featuring HAIM, LP,CHVRCHES, Elle King and Lourde.

I just love the “Pray to God” music video from Calvin Harris feating HAIM. These women are elegant and haunting and I love the nature sets. Awesome video.

LP is back with “Muddy Waters”, love this song. It’s a different but RIGHT departure from her previous light-hearted pop tunes. I hope LP keeps digging deep for inspiration for these soulful songs.

CHVRCHES music video for “Leave a Trace” is colorful and the song took me a while to warm to. It’s different, and that’s good. Different is good.

Elle King has been jumping the iTunes charts with this hit “Ex’s and Ohs”. The lyrics are fun and I wish I had thought of it first.

Lastly, I love Disclosure’s “Magnets” featuring Lorde. It’s a unique music video and I actually like Lorde’s modern dancing in the video. It’s artistic and refreshing to see an artist move their body in their own creative way versus a big choreographed scene.

Tune in again soon for some more hit songs.

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Why is Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own” Relevant?

Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own” could have come straight from an John Hughes 80s teen movie.

When I first heard this song, it didn’t make a dent in my day, I just kept moving on to the next song. I wasn’t so thrilled with the song. Back in September, I saw Robyn perform at the MTV VMAs. She had a very short performance, I remember her up on a tier, dancing and singing, and she really stood out from the other artists performing that night. She doesn’t look like a Beyonce, but she had an energy that was all her own and she was enigmatic. I wanted to see her perform longer.

So, I went back to listening to “Dancing on my Own”. I tried listening to other Robyn songs, and they haven’t clicked with me either. Being a single girl, I can definitely relate to this song. I think every girl has had this feeling, where they are wondering why the guy they like, is with some other stupid chick, haha! But seriously, everyone can relate to this feeling. The song is also 80s inspired pop, and having myself been watching a lot of 80s movies lately, this song would work perfectly in Teen Witch, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, etc. I can see some redheaded angst-ridden teen in a montage to this song.

I also think this song is geared for women, and has an innocent feel to it. It’s refreshing from other love songs and has something different to say. I would like to see Robyn keep pushing forward and hopefully we will hear more from her soon.

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Indie Artist Spotlight- L.P.

(A foreword: I had previously written a blog about Rihanna’s latest music video “S&M” and after posting, I took it down. The reason for that was because, it was an unfavorable review of the music video. After posting, I had a sick feeling and realized that I didn’t want this blog to bash other artists. I wanted this blog to be positive and write about music I like not music I don’t like. So, I took it down and vowed to spend time writing about artists that deserve more recognition and not give time to artists that do things just for shock value. Now, back to the review…)

There have been some indie artists that I’ve been wanting to blog about. Before having a blog, I would post up artists I liked on my Facebook, but now I have a place to sufficiently talk about musicians and have the right audience to check them out.

I found L.P., a New York rock singer when I was doing A&R talent scouting for Lyon Echo records. L.P. has had music placed in an MTV show. She hasn’t done much for a while, so I’m not sure if she’s on hiatus or she’s ending her singing career.

Regardless, it’s worth checking out her myspace, and the song I fell in love with was “Cling to Me” http://www.myspace.com/lprock

“Damage is Done” and “Good with You” are available on iTunes. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a download of “Cling to Me” on iTunes. Maybe it can be found somewhere else.

L.P.’s voice reminds me of a Blondie mixed with a chipmunk. Yes, you have to hear it to believe it. It’s very intense and interesting. “Cling to Me” brought back memories of Evanescence. A strong female voice with a powerful backing.

Check out her music, and let me know what you think!

“Cling to Me”

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