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Indie Spotlight: Elena Ovalle

I got interviewed by Uncanny Pop about my new single “Shoot Me Down”. Woot!

Uncanny Pop

Today’s spotlight shines on San Francisco Bay Area native Elena Ovalle.  Ovalle started singing publicly and writing songs at the age of twelve and pulls from personal experiences to write her music. Her music can be described as Pop and Soul, bluesy and catchy.

After singing through high school and college in choirs and talent shows, Elena move to Los Angeles and began to perform her original music in 2008. Her first single “Butterfly” was released in 2009 on a compilation album “Collect Effect: Hottest New Artists” which was distributed through Lyon Echo Records. Ovalle returned to San Francisco where she collaborated with beat boxer Constantine Abramson from Disney’s “Choo Choo Soul” and performed live around the bay area.

Her new single “Shoot Me Down” a pop song with blues influences and will be available on iTunes December 9th.  The single was inspired by Florence + the Machine’s “Shake…

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