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Blast from the Past – Backstreet Boys

Before Bieber, there were some other boys in the back of the street that were quite popular with the ladies.

The explosion of boy bands in the 90s/00s ensued a fierce battle between the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. In competition with each other, and the girls divided their loyalty between the two. Girls would wait outside of TRL (Total Request Live) in New York City and chant for their favorite boy band, and cursing the competition.

My favorite boy band was the Backstreet Boys. I got introduced to them with this music video:

You don’t know what that did to young girls. And all the rain? Oh, it was over. Backstreet Boys was my first concert, my friend was a huge fan and we went. I never heard so many girls screaming in one place ever again in my life. My ears were ringing for the rest of the night. They just screamed non-stop.

When I was in Chile, they had a Backstreet Boys channel, they just showed Backstreet Boys music videos non-stop.

When “I Want it That Way” came out, that was a massive hit. Guys even liked the song too. I remember that as shocking back then.

Now the Backstreet Boys are touring with New Kids on the Block. I already saw them once, so I’m fine, but it’s nice to see these boy bands still kicking. Although Justin Bieber reins supreme with the ladies now, I want to see the next round of boy bands and see what happens next.

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Blast from the Past: My Boyfriend’s Back – The Angels

This song was popping up in my head lately, “My Boyfriend’s Back”. I like the song, it kind of reminds me of that “Hey, Mickey” song, with the clapping. The video is from the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember an 90’s Halloween movie that takes that title and makes it about a boyfriend that died and came back to life. So, this 60s song and this movie was coming back into my life, for whatever reason. Now I’m bringing it to you. I kind of like the zombie boyfriend idea, haha.

Here is the Angels video.

And here is a clip from the movie.


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Blast from the Past Fridays – Back in the Day Cartoons: Jetsons the Movie and The Chipmunks Adventure

Cartoons from the past rocked way harder than whatever it is that they show today.

To prove my theory, here are songs from The Jetson’s Movie and The Chipmunks movie. Original songs, not CGI chipmunks singing the latest Beyonce hits. Oh yeah, and did I mention I love the 80s/early 90s? The Jetsons movie is based on the Jetson’s moving to another part of the galaxy, and of course I liked Judy’s character. Dating a rock star, and then this blue guy. This song, “You and Me” was sung by the Pop queen at the time, Tiffany.

For The Chipmunk Adventure, the chipmunks travel around the world looking for dolls with special diamonds inside of them. Of course, I like the girl chipmunks.

Both of these songs has 80s pop/rock elements. In the Chipmunk Adventure, the girls are versus the boys, and they sing that in, “The Girls of Rock and Roll”.

There’s not really any cartoons like this, and I really love the heart in these kinds of movies. Pixar is probably the best company for heart-felt cartoons in the present.


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Blast from the Past Fridays – Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams”

I heard this song, and oh, the 80s nostalgia… I love the 80s, and this song is great.

For its time, this music video was cutting edge. It was number one on the Billboard’s chart and was featured in the 80s film, License to Drive. It was also shown in Conan O’Brien’s premiere in the Tonight Show.

Happy Friday!


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Friday’s Blast from the Past: John Lennon – Imagine

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I recently saw the movie, Nowhere Boy, about John Lennon’s childhood and finding out who his mother was.

For this week’s “Blast from the Past”, I thought I would put up one of my favorite Beatles song’s, “Imagine”. I remember first hearing this song as a remix, I didn’t even know it was a Beatles song until later in life. So, I’m posting the original and a remix.

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Blast from the Past Fridays: The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight Tonight

I was trying to think of good rock songs for this Blast from the Past Fridays, and this song popped up in the forefront.

The song, with the violins, the original music video released in 1996, fifteen years ago. When this video came out, it was a hit on MTV. That’s when they did play music videos, and Beavis and Butthead ruled the airwaves.

This music video reminds me of the movie, Moulin Rouge. Perhaps it was inspired by this music video? maybe it’s from the same era, but the art and the romance seems familiar to me.


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Belated Blast from the Past – Foxy Brown

I didn’t even realize I missed this weeks Blast from the Past yesterday. With moving and a new job and a lot of other opportunities coming up, I don’t think I have my head screwed on straight.

For this week’s Blast from the Past, I was thinking of a very special rapper, by the name of Foxy Brown. I have been thinking about her lately because what seems like her latest replacement is Nicki Minaj. I’m glad Minaj is in the rap game for females. She’s great at it, and she’s bringing a sassy flavor with her music, but I can’t help but be reminded of Foxy. So, Foxy, here’s to you.

And Nicki Minaj’s latest


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