New Music: Oh Land – “Son of a Gun”

Danish singer, Nanna Øland Fabricius, in New York City released her debut album March 15th.

Her music video, “Son of  Gun” is intriguing. With looks like Elle Macpherson, this singer has a whimsical voice. Reminiscent of Bjork, Goldfrapp, Oh Land brings her take on snappy, electro pop. The music video phases between dark and pink elements. I like the lights and the on-top-of-a-cloud feeling. The song itself it light, catchy, and slowly grows on you. I resisted at first, but I think what really got me was the xylophone. I love happy sounding instruments, and this song is airy enough to be in the background in a coffee shop, or played on a sunny drive to the beach.

Perhaps an album is worth a once over? What do think of the video and song?

Check out her website here:

To view the music video, click on “Watch on Youtube”



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2 responses to “New Music: Oh Land – “Son of a Gun”

  1. Oh Land is starting to make big waves… I see hwe in so many mags and webistes and blogs…I’m still not completely convinced. She is beautiful, the music is suitablty alt pop- but something is not connecting with me yet… I may need to listen to more of her stuff… love your blog though!!!

    • Yeah, when I first heard the song, I didn’t think it was anything that special.

      It’s not groundbreaking new music, nothing really different here, but I came back to this song because something pulled me back. I started to like it just for what it was; light and simple music.

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