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Semi-Music Review of “Burlesque”

Going into the movie theater for Burlesque, I knew what I was in for: cheesy acting, campy lines, and a plot even a 2 year old could predict.

Regardless, I treated the movie as  a fun night out with the girls, to laugh and hear the songs.

The acting right off the bat is horrible. One minute Christina Aguilera is acting like a shy, quiet farm girl from Iowa, and the next second she’s literally stealing the show by bombarding the stage. I just couldn’t help myself from laughing at the acting.

The movie itself was ok. There were only two good songs (maybe three, the ending credits song was actually decent) in the whole movie. The first one was called, “Express”, by Aguilera. 

I gotta add the curly hair is fabulous (and apparently super curly hair is the style again according to Cosmopolitan, but I regress…) and the outfits are cute.

Although Aguilera has utterly perfect pitch, can belt an entire song out, whenever Cher sang, I remembered the “Believe” era back in the 90s with Cher (as I did not grow up in the 70s, my only experience with Cher is the “Believe” album) and felt a nostalgia only Cher could revive.

Her solo “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” had a duality to it. In the story, Cher is talking about finacial disaster and rising above it, but personally, Cher is back singing again, and we definitely haven’t seen the last of Cher. The song left me in chills the whole time. Although she isn’t Aguilera, she holds her own and I feel more emotion when she sings, and the lyrics I feel like most of America, and the world can relate in this recession.

Here is a remix of the song:

One of the last songs, “Show Me How You Burlseque” was your standard show tune. I didn’t really care. When the ending credits were rolling the song, “The Beautiful People” was playing and I would have rather seen that sung in the movie then have it be the rolling credits. I liked the contrast with the rock guitars and then the quick triplets of ” the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people…”. I can see why it was stuck in the ending credits, but I think it would have been an exciting song to see performed. Oh well.

And there you go, the other songs just didn’t really grab my attention. Aguilera had some cute solos, and “Tough Lover” was entertaining to watch, but in my opinion, the previously mentioned songs are the ones that left an impression with me.

The movie itself, if you know what you’re in for, was fun. I never saw Glitter and most people said Burlesque was a better film. I love musicals, and I had fun laughing at the acting, I liked the drama and for a minute I was thrown off and didn’t know what would happen. But it was entertaining, more entertaining than the notoriously campy Show Girls. Worth a watch if you love musicals, like to laugh at bad acting, and oh yeah, hear some great singing, because it’s definitely worth it to see these two divas singing their hearts out on the big screen.

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