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Alicia Eris debuts new soulful EP ‘Retrospective 12’ and new music video

Los Angeles, CA – “Retrospective 12”, the debut EP by Alicia Eris, released yesterday online along with the music video for her first single, “I Moved On” featuring Syd tha Kid from The Internet (part of the Odd Future Collective). ‘Retrospective 12” is an alternative, Neosoul album with influences from Amy Winehouse and alternative soul group, The Internet. “I Moved On” released on July 30 with 2,000 downloads within the first week released and 200 downloads in a day. The song and EP are produced, and co-written, by Grammy-nominated producer, Dane Diamond of Classfaction.

Alicia Eris, age 15, began her music recording career…”

Finish the article “Alicia Eris debuts soulful new EP ‘Retrospective 12’ and music video” on Examiner.com here.

Alicia Eris Retrospective 12

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September 4, 2013 · 11:51 pm

Indie Artist to Checkout: Kimly

I got to see Kimly perform once, and I was so excited about her performance, that I bought her CD.

She was very cute, very energetic. My favorite song was “Good Evening”. This is the only video I can find of her performing, but when I saw her perform, she was way more energetic, jumping around the stage and making jokes. I got to talk to her afterwards and she was a sweetheart.

I hesitated posting her on this blog, only because she doesn’t have high quality recordings. The EP that I bought wasn’t unfortunately a great recording. I thought she was much better live, more energetic and louder. I felt the recording lacked back-up vocals and the right instrumentation. Kimly definitely has a different energy and potential, she needs the backing of a good manager or record label to push her into the right place. I hope she continues singing, because I liked her a lot, she just needs the right recordings and professional help to send her into the limelight. Check out her website here: http://www.kimlymusic.com/.

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Indie Artist to Check Out: Kelsey Skaggs “Facebook Admirer”

Since it’s kind of hard for me to pin down a day to talk about indie artists, I’m going to change the title of these posts from “Indie Artist Mondays” to “Indie Artist to Check Out:”

I found Kelsey on Myspace two years ago. I thought her song, “Facebook Admirer” was an instant hit. She’s still working on music, and I hope things get better for her, her lyrics are cute and right to the point. Skaggs is 19 years old and from Ohio.

Check out a Youtube of her performing live below and check out her website here: http://www.kelseyskaggs.com/


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Miguel – Not Much of an Indie Artist Anymore

I first heard of Miguel when I went to the Viper Room last year to watch BMI’s The Next Fresh Thing, a showcase of new acts. I went to see Krys Ivory, I heard of her from an indie record label internship that I was in when I first moved to LA, and the event was hosted by BMI, so I thought I would go. When I first got into the Viper Room, Miguel was performing. The whole place was packed and he was killing it. I haven’t seen a performer so top notch like that in a while, and still haven’t since. He was dancing, singing on point and had amazing charisma.

After the set, I talked to him for a minute, telling him that he convinced me to be a fan, he was very nice to me. Not only was he a fabulous performer, but a genuinely nice person. I followed his career since, and he has performed at festivals, worked with Usher and continues to get bigger. His single is a slow jam, but live, he is extremely energetic, and is definitely worth seeing live.

This is his single, “All I Want is You”


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Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and What it Means for Indie Artists and the Music Business

I remember reading on Twitter and Facebook about Rebecca Black. Social media was blazing about this horrific song/video. Like one of those police car chases they show on TV from time to time, I was intrigued and had to look.

This article is about my two cents about the music video and more about the plight of the indie artist and what it takes to get noticed.

In the past, let’s say, about twenty to thirty years ago, in order for musicians to get their music out on a national and public scale, they needed to get signed by a record label. There was no getting around it, you needed to play the clubs, hope for an A&R man (Artist & Repertoire) to scout you, meet the head honchos, then they would brand you, or “develop” you. Create your look, prepare you and get you ready, and then you would make albums, tour and become a star.

The name of the artist game has changed significantly in the past few years, and it’s still changing this very moment. What’s going on? The internet. The internet kind of gave the public their own right to pick and choose the music that they wanted to hear, from all over the world. The public didn’t want to pay $20 for an album of one or two good songs and the rest crap. They wanted to buy that one or two songs (or download for free) and ignore the rest.

The record labels crumbled, but wait, not so fast, it’s not what you think it is.

In a way, it was good for indie artists and musicians. Indie artists, if they were good enough, almost in an American Idol fashion, could be voted into the mainstream if they got enough hits on Youtube or Facebook. A&R guys changed their game, instead of being discovered in a club, they’ll look for the next big thing on the internet, if you’re already generating buzz, then you’re a surefire hit, and probably a gain to the company. But, for the first time, indie artists who didn’t make it big, could make a living touring, making music without becoming huge names. If you hit the right niche market, you could tour and use social media and the internet to gain fans, you can release music yourself and do it all yourself.

The DIY Musician was born. But, again, it’s not what you think it is. The DIY Musician can only get so far. Without a record label, the DIY Musician cannot get national, or international stardom without the big marketing campaigns the record labels have under their belts.

And then, there are those who are lucky enough to get national attention with that ONE Youtube video. Greyson Chance, the Lady Gaga covering kid, got major attention after a flawless cover of one of Gaga’s classics, “Paparazzi”. Rebecca Black, an indie artist also found fame, for all the wrong reasons. Rumored that her parents paid $2,000 for a demo (the going rate for a demo is $1,500 per song from producers, believe it or not), Black made a song that was called one of the worst songs ever made. Her tone is flat, even aut0-tuning couldn’t really fix this song. The lyrics might as well have been from a Dr. Seuss book. It was a train wreck that everyone had to watch.

In spite of that, it was such a mess that it made her famous, she got into the iTunes Top 100 charts, and that $2,000 investment her parents made was the wisest choice they probably have ever made.

I heard from someone on Twitter, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t write it down, but they basically said you have to be really good in music or really bad, you won’t get noticed if you’re in between. Rebecca Black was really bad, and it paid off. Social media helps indie artists, the really good ones do get through and unfortunately, so do the really bad ones. There is a way for indie artists to get out there, do-it-themselves and follow their dreams. Instead of the record labels controlling what we hear, more and more the public is taking what they hear, and dictating what they like, even if they don’t like it, and making it popular.

An interesting time in the music business.


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Indie Artist Mondays: Almost Gold “Better Than This”

I’ve really been wanting to dedicate a day of the week to writing about indie artists. I write about a lot of popular music, but I also wanted to promote good indie musicians/bands. Being an indie musician myself, I feel it’s important to help out my fellow artists.

This is a tough one to keep up, because I only want to talk about indie artists “I” like. I don’t want to promote just anyone. This blog is about music I believe is good, whether it’s mainstream or not.

All right, so that being said, hopefully I can keep finding new indie artists to keep reporting on every Monday, and if I skip a week or so, please forgive me in advance, as I only strive to bring you quality music to this blog and will not report on music that I personally can’t endorse.

Now, for our first Indie Artist Monday… Almost Gold “Better Than This”. A Boston pop punk, powerpop band that engaged my interests with the name. How did I find this band? Well, back in 2009 I did A&R talent scouting for an indie record label, and Almost Gold was one of the artists that I was going to put on a compilation album I put together. I was just about to get them to sign onto the project… but at the last minute they decided to re-record their songs, some stuff happened, I don’t know, and it never happened.

And now, I see not really much has happened. Unfortunately. But, this song, “Better Than This” is radio-ready. Indie rock, upbeat and very catchy. I love the intro to the song. They kind of remind me 3OH!3. There are a ton of bands with this kind of sound, but Almost Gold has a great song with “Better Than This”. I’m not sure if they’re moving on with their music, I haven’t seen anything change. I know these things take a while. You can go to their Purevolume site to download a free copy of “Better Than This” here: http://www.purevolume.com/AlmostGold

Hopefully, they move forward with their music. If not, at least you can hear some good music right now.

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Strife of an Indie Artist

I mostly want this blog to be about music I like, music videos, album reviews, etc. I also wanted to drop in here and there about my own musical plights and adventures, such as networking events, and what it looks like for an indie artist to make it on their own.

Developing your own music can be done by anyone nowadays. If you have Pro Tools and a microphone, anyone can call themselves a producer, and if you have a video camera, anyone can be a singer online.

Now with music, the listener has to shift through loads of loads of musicians to find their niche. It’s definitely an interesting and fun time to be a musician, and I am glad that there is a “Do-It-Yourself” formula now. It makes it easier for someone who does have talent, to get out there in easier ways, although now the music scene is saturated with so many artists, how do you stand out over everyone else?

Well, my answer to that is be yourself. Most of the biggest musicians worked on their talent, but they were themselves. If you’re trying to be like someone else, you’ll just be another copycat and definitely won’t stand out over the rest. To be yourself, you have to get to know yourself. You have to be honest with yourself, which I believe is one of the hardest things to do.

Currently I am working on my craft, teaming up with different producers, trying to find that right fit. I’ve had a song I worked on in 2010, and now I am in the final stages of mixing and mastering the new release. It’s been a long process, because if you don’t have a label backing you, and if you’re not sitting on top of a fortune, it costs a lot of money to record music, produce it, mix it, master it. I had a friend tell me some good advice.

There are two ways of making music. You can either throw a lot of money at a producer, cut an album/EP/single and then take your chances in promoting the music yourself to labels, etc. Or, you can build your way up, collaborate with others and have people work with you for your talent. I’m choosing the latter, finding people that want to work with me for my talent. It’s a process, and in LA, it’s very easy to get screwed over. Mostly because people are looking out for themselves.

My thoughts are that I find other like-minded good people to work with and see where it goes. If I am talented enough, it will work. If I work harder on my singing, dancing, performing, etc. it will work. Although, it’s a slow process. That’s why, after a year of making music, I’m only going to be able to release one single. Although, that should change soon, as I am meeting more people in the music industry and making connections, I have a feeling I will be releasing more singles in the coming months.

Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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Indie Artist Spotlight- L.P.

(A foreword: I had previously written a blog about Rihanna’s latest music video “S&M” and after posting, I took it down. The reason for that was because, it was an unfavorable review of the music video. After posting, I had a sick feeling and realized that I didn’t want this blog to bash other artists. I wanted this blog to be positive and write about music I like not music I don’t like. So, I took it down and vowed to spend time writing about artists that deserve more recognition and not give time to artists that do things just for shock value. Now, back to the review…)

There have been some indie artists that I’ve been wanting to blog about. Before having a blog, I would post up artists I liked on my Facebook, but now I have a place to sufficiently talk about musicians and have the right audience to check them out.

I found L.P., a New York rock singer when I was doing A&R talent scouting for Lyon Echo records. L.P. has had music placed in an MTV show. She hasn’t done much for a while, so I’m not sure if she’s on hiatus or she’s ending her singing career.

Regardless, it’s worth checking out her myspace, and the song I fell in love with was “Cling to Me” http://www.myspace.com/lprock

“Damage is Done” and “Good with You” are available on iTunes. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a download of “Cling to Me” on iTunes. Maybe it can be found somewhere else.

L.P.’s voice reminds me of a Blondie mixed with a chipmunk. Yes, you have to hear it to believe it. It’s very intense and interesting. “Cling to Me” brought back memories of Evanescence. A strong female voice with a powerful backing.

Check out her music, and let me know what you think!

“Cling to Me”

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