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Blast from the Past- “Flash” Queen

Ok, so it’s Friday. Let’s have a little fun in this post. I think I should do “Blast from the Past Fridays” to start the weekend right.

Today’s installment of “Blast from the Past” is “Flash” by Queen.

Flash Gordon is from a science fiction comic strip published in 1934 and was made into a film in 1980. This movie came out after Star Wars, Superman and the Star Trek film. I remember Flash Gordon as a kid as some kind of dream. It was so unique and a movie I’d love to see remade.

And Queen, a British rock band in the 1970s. Everyone is familiar with “Bohemian Rhapsody” from “Wayne’s World” and various other classics.

This song “Flash” is one of its kind. You’re not going to hear this kind of song in a super hero movie nowadays. So, enjoy this “Blast from the Past”.



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