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Girl Power- Female Music Videos

Wow, just took a first look at “Lights”  by Ellie Goulding. Amazing video. The song is great too. (and look for a blog covering this artist soon…).

Also just premiering is Jessie J’s new music video feat. B.o.B. I didn’t like her previous music video “Do it Like a Dude”. “Price Tag” has something to say, and it is a beautiful video as well.

I’ve also been in love with this music video by Medina. She just looks like a Greek goddess with such a unique look. I love this video. I love the club scenes, the bedroom scenes, the alley scenes. It’s its own mini-drama. The lighting is amazing too. It’s also sexy. This is the Dash Berlin remix, and the other remixes are definitely worth a listen (also Deadmau5 remixed this song).

What do you think?



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