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The Girls are in Charge: Nicki Minaj “Super Bass” & JLo’s “I’m Into You”

I’m MIA a lot, I know, excuses. I was in the audience for the Conan show today. It was fun. Anyways, needless to say, sometimes I’m not great with juggling life and keeping up with writing… but I’ll come back.

So, on the back catalogue that I wanted to talk about, was Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” which is “super-catchy”. The video is cute… with the pink theme all over the music video. I kind of appreciate the gratuitous male bodies in the music video, because it’s a nice change from seeing naked girls EVERYWHERE. Let’s even up the odds a little bit, eh? It’s not really great to focus on body parts, no matter the gender, but the media is geared for the male eye, from female magazines to fashion runways, so it’s refreshing to have a female perspective.

I especially like the day-glow bridge in the song. I think music videos have already been playing with light and will continue to push visual limits with lights. I also heard a little bit of the remix Minaj has with David Guetta, “Where Dem Girls At”. I don’t like it. Guetta has the same sound for everything now. He used to be my favorite DJ, and I hate to say I think he sold out. Anyways, I am aware of that song, and yeah, I don’t think it’s that special. I am also aware of Lady Gaga’s latest with Judas and Edge of Glory. I really don’t know what I think of those songs just yet, so I’m sure I’ll get back on that topic in another post.

Jennifer Lopez already has a new music video when her song, “On the Floor” is still rotating on the radio. “I’m Into You” Feat. Lil’ Wayne, is a good song. I especially like the breakdown, and it’s such a tease, because that breakdown or sample of a new song coming out sounds better than the song itself.

And by the way, can you believe this woman is in her 40s??? I want that skin cream when I’m that age, I’m just saying…


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New David Guetta Music Video Feat. Rihanna

David Guetta, one of the best House DJs in the world, a French DJ that recently crossed over into the Pop realm collaborating with the Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Rowland, Akon, and now Rihanna.

This new music video “Who’s That Chick?” reminds me a lot of Benny Benassi’s recent music video “Spaceship” with the whole DJ driving a spaceship with singers tagging along.

I like the colors in the music video, the song itself? Not the best David Guetta song. It’s ok, but nothing too memorable. I fell in love with Guetta with some of his older songs like “Love Won’t Let Me Go” and “Baby When the Lights” and “Love is Gone”. I loved the Pop Life album and also liked One Love, although, I hate to admit, it feels like Guetta is crossing over into commercial territory and is losing his “house” edge.

I’ll wait to see if the “old” David Guetta comes back, but for now, there are always new DJs on the horizon…


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