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Indie Artist Mondays: Almost Gold “Better Than This”

I’ve really been wanting to dedicate a day of the week to writing about indie artists. I write about a lot of popular music, but I also wanted to promote good indie musicians/bands. Being an indie musician myself, I feel it’s important to help out my fellow artists.

This is a tough one to keep up, because I only want to talk about indie artists “I” like. I don’t want to promote just anyone. This blog is about music I believe is good, whether it’s mainstream or not.

All right, so that being said, hopefully I can keep finding new indie artists to keep reporting on every Monday, and if I skip a week or so, please forgive me in advance, as I only strive to bring you quality music to this blog and will not report on music that I personally can’t endorse.

Now, for our first Indie Artist Monday… Almost Gold “Better Than This”. A Boston pop punk, powerpop band that engaged my interests with the name. How did I find this band? Well, back in 2009 I did A&R talent scouting for an indie record label, and Almost Gold was one of the artists that I was going to put on a compilation album I put together. I was just about to get them to sign onto the project… but at the last minute they decided to re-record their songs, some stuff happened, I don’t know, and it never happened.

And now, I see not really much has happened. Unfortunately. But, this song, “Better Than This” is radio-ready. Indie rock, upbeat and very catchy. I love the intro to the song. They kind of remind me 3OH!3. There are a ton of bands with this kind of sound, but Almost Gold has a great song with “Better Than This”. I’m not sure if they’re moving on with their music, I haven’t seen anything change. I know these things take a while. You can go to their Purevolume site to download a free copy of “Better Than This” here: http://www.purevolume.com/AlmostGold

Hopefully, they move forward with their music. If not, at least you can hear some good music right now.


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