Florence + The Machine “No Light, No Light” and “Heartlines”

I’m really digging the latest Florence + the Machine album.

With Florence + the Machine, I’m listening to “No Light, No Light” and “Heartlines”. The music video for “No Light, No Light” is really something. This album has religious tones, questioning what’s right and wrong, redemption, ways to happiness, and completely soulful all the while. I love  the complete disregard to what’s popular on the radio and just going their own different direction. I love the soul, I love her voice and the unique sound. With their previous album, “Lungs” , I loved the songs fervently and then grew tired of them. I hope the same doesn’t happen to this album.

The drums in “Heartlines” is refreshing. This is the only video I thought had good enough quality to hear the song. I like the chorus chants, and the lyrics.


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  1. Very cool share – as usual!

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