What Song Do You Want Played at Your Funeral?

The death of Amy Winehouse has brought mixed emotions online. People saying it was going to come anyways, and others sad that an artist has been lost. Others thought she wasn’t talented enough to join the “27 Club” among other famous artists who passed away at the age of 27, Joplin, Cobain, Hendrix to name a few.

I think the bottom line is that a person is dead, an artist is dead. Someone who was troubled and was addicted to drugs. You don’t know what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes, so to judge them harshly, I believe you hold the same standards to yourself secretly. I have no idea what happened in her life, but it might not have been good to turn to drugs and then get addicted to the point where you die. That’s sad. I wasn’t an Amy Winehouse fan, but I just can’t stand the harsh comments made about her.

Then I saw on Facebook, a friend saying what songs she would want played at her funeral. A friend of mine died a couple months ago at the young age of 25. The song she was remembered by was “Over the Rainbow” the Hawaiian version.

It got me thinking what song I would want to be remembered by. One of my favorite songs of all time is Amelie’s “La Noyee”. That song makes me want to cry. It really is beautiful, but you really have to listen to it. At first it starts with one part, then it separates into two parts. Then there are three different parts playing and they harmoniously start really blending together around 1:30. And then the song ends. A very quick song, full of bittersweet feelings. I believe it is one of the most beautiful songs of all time. The song just rushes but flows. It sways and builds energy until it is on a full on sprint. The melodies start rushing, just going all over the place, I really can’t follow it, it really is everywhere, and then with a steady flow, it all converges and ends. Unfortunately, I can’t find the soundtrack version anywhere on YouTube, so I’m going with a cover of “La Noyee” by Dave Thomas, who I mentioned before in this blog as an amazing accordion player. But please, do yourself a favor and download “La Noyee” for yourself.

Another song I would want would be How to Train Your Dragon’s “Forbidden Friendship”. First off, the xylophone? Oh man, a beautiful instrument, how the song is so soft and then the bells start chiming in. Genius, it gives me chills. A piccolo comes in with more of a melody, and then voices start chiming in. The song continues to build, higher and higher, as if you’re soaring through the clouds, the sun in shining, and you’re looking down at a green landscape. Just rays of light, then weightlessness. All that is left is the voices, and that’s what I imagine heaven would be.

And I think the last song is something very special to me. I love the movie, “A Little Princess” I also read an updated book version of the original. The original was about the war, and in the updated version, the parents went off to a movie location in Africa or something. Anyways, I love, “Kindle My Heart”. The lyrics are simple, yet effective. It reminds me of the message in the movie, that every girl is a “princess”, meaning, everyone is special. Everyone is worthy. Everyone deserves love and kindness rules over all. The main girl is nice to everyone, no matter what status they were born into, and that is something very rare today. I believe being a good person is the right way to be. Maybe you might get stepped on, maybe it might take a while to see your efforts in return, but I don’t believe whatever social class you’ve been born to predicts your future. Unfortunately, this music video is on Moulin Rouge, I like Moulin Rouge, but I couldn’t find a video with the A Little Princess clips in it.

Life is unexpected, and when it comes down to it, there are no rules in life. Life is short and hard. Try to be easier with yourself and others, because one day, you won’t have that chance anymore.


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  1. I don’t plan on dying, but great question!

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