It’s My Blog and I’ll Write if I Want to

I started off this blog as a place to talk about music, write my emotions with music, and then this blog grew into reporting the latest and newest in music. I got to write for the Examiner about music as well. Then I felt a need to keep constant, daily updating music, and it was weird updating all the time, sometimes, yes, there was a lot of music to cover. Sometimes I didn’t have the time to write, sometimes I just didn’t have the heart in it. I didn’t want to talk about music I didn’t  like. That would be dishonest.

It’s kind of like the newspapers, they need to come out with stories every day, and some days, there isn’t that much great news to report on.

I have a few more articles coming up for the Examiner, but I’ve been thinking about my life and what I want to do, and I’m finding that constantly keeping up with music trends isn’t time efficient for me. I want to start my own business, plus I’m gearing up to perform again in LA, acoustic venues with my guitar. I find myself not having time for anything and feeling lost and stuck. So, I knew I needed to cut the fat off somewhere in my life. And, it seemed to be the writing…

I won’t be gone forever, but this constant need to update… I’ll just come back and forth when I really do want to geek out about a new song I just heard. It means I won’t really keep my visitor rate going up… but if you do subscribe to my blog, you’ll get updates when I do write so you don’t need to keep checking back and forth if I wrote something new.

I love writing, and I love music, and this was a natural progression and a very fun project… but right now, I need to spend time on things more profitable, and even though I want to do it all, I can’t do it all. So, I’ll write when I can, but I can’t do the daily writing thing. I feel bad writing that, but I’ll write when I can.

So, for my readers, I’m not leaving forever, but I guess I won’t be updating as often. I really have to focus on other areas in my life, and writing and performing music is one of them, and when I start performing again, I’ll update on the shows, etc.

Thank you for reading and again, I’m not leaving, but I just won’t be as constant as before.




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5 responses to “It’s My Blog and I’ll Write if I Want to

  1. Glad you’ll still be posting some!

  2. I can really sympathize, young lady! I don’t have much time either, as you’ve probably noticed!
    See you soon.

  3. You BETTER not be leaving. 🙂

    I mean, seriously, I’m gonna need some music recommendations at some point soon…

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