Blast from the Past – Backstreet Boys

Before Bieber, there were some other boys in the back of the street that were quite popular with the ladies.

The explosion of boy bands in the 90s/00s ensued a fierce battle between the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. In competition with each other, and the girls divided their loyalty between the two. Girls would wait outside of TRL (Total Request Live) in New York City and chant for their favorite boy band, and cursing the competition.

My favorite boy band was the Backstreet Boys. I got introduced to them with this music video:

You don’t know what that did to young girls. And all the rain? Oh, it was over. Backstreet Boys was my first concert, my friend was a huge fan and we went. I never heard so many girls screaming in one place ever again in my life. My ears were ringing for the rest of the night. They just screamed non-stop.

When I was in Chile, they had a Backstreet Boys channel, they just showed Backstreet Boys music videos non-stop.

When “I Want it That Way” came out, that was a massive hit. Guys even liked the song too. I remember that as shocking back then.

Now the Backstreet Boys are touring with New Kids on the Block. I already saw them once, so I’m fine, but it’s nice to see these boy bands still kicking. Although Justin Bieber reins supreme with the ladies now, I want to see the next round of boy bands and see what happens next.


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  1. I’m going to forget I read this one…

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