Perform this Way – Weird Al’ Latest

Weird Al is still alive and kicking, apparently.

Weird Al released his latest music video parodying Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”.

I enjoyed this crass display, a little hard to watch his face on a woman’s body, but as the music video moves along, it gets more funny, I like the Madonna reference.

I hope Weird Al keeps releasing music videos.



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4 responses to “Perform this Way – Weird Al’ Latest

  1. Hah! You took up my challenge! Or maybe you were planning it all along, but still…

    I’ll admit the video is pretty odd (I don’t think it’s nearly as good as “White and Nerdy”), but I liked it more as I watched it. I finally realized that Al, by putting his face on a female dancer, had actually managed to out-weird Lady Gaga, which is no small feat you must admit…

  2. He’s quite the character, isn’t he?

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