Foo Fighters “Walk”

“I never wanna die, I’m dancing on my grave.”

The Foo Fighters are back with their second single, “Walk” from their latest album, “Wasting Light”. The song starts off mellow and slow, and picks up after a minute. Foo Fighters are one of those bands that will always sound classic and contemporary.

The song is about starting again, falling and getting back up to walk again. A theme that a lot of Americans can relate to, with the economy and job rates low. It is a difficult time, still. It’s good bands like the Foo Fighters are writing inspiring songs, Americans need that right about now.

For the music video, it starts off with LA traffic. Living in LA, I can relate. You spend a lot of time driving. This video is funny too, with Dave Grohl freaking out.



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3 responses to “Foo Fighters “Walk”

  1. Cool song, and I definitely agree with you about the message.

    I always find footage of L.A. traffic with the sound of horns put in to be hilarious. As anyone who lives here knows, slow moving traffic is pretty quiet! 🙂

    • It’s true. Traffic in LA is quiet. Honking is not going to remove 1,000 cars out of your way. Just stop and go… I never really thought about the honking horns. Good observation. I think it would be weird to watch the video w/out honking horns, it conveys the message of traffic.

  2. It’s very cool that Dave Grohl was able to rise from the ashes of Nirvana and become a musicla Phoenix. We’re all lucky he ignored the naysayers.

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