Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

New music video, Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” blends all the 80s elements that you loved thirty years ago. There’s synths, dance beats, and that Cyndi Lauper voice you love so much… I mean, Robyn’s voice. I like how the music video is in an empty wear house, and lights start illuminating the room. The lyrics are about telling a guy to call his girlfriend that he found somebody new. Kind of funny. I’ve been rooting for Robyn, because she is talented and I just love the 80s.

Check out the video here:



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4 responses to “Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

  1. Ah, the 80’s. How can one not love them? Thanks for sharing the cool song.

    Okay, film-geek here: interesting framing on the video. Wider than widescreen. Also, I had to laugh when I envisioned the behind-the-scenes conversation:

    Director: “I dunno. Wanna just throw the camera on a Steadicam and shoot it in one take?”

    DP: “Sure, we’ll be out by lunch.”

    Steadicam Operator: “Oy…”

  2. I love Robyn’s music 🙂

  3. She needs to call her stylist! Just kidding.

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