“Save the World” – Swedish House Mafia

I never really listened to the Swedish House Mafia before, I heard the name in passing here and there. I finally got to check out this music video, and I love it.

The song is good, but I think the music video itself is funny and captivating. The theme is dogs becoming heroes and saving the world. Wouldn’t that be nice? When bad things happen, a group of cute dogs chase down the bad guys. It’s a nice thought. Also, the lyrics, I find comforting as well. I think the timing of these lyrics is just right, the world is going crazy, global warming, wars, teenagers popping out kids, there’s a lot of things happening in the world. I think songs like this are important. Talking about unity, “turn up the love now”. Who will save the world? Hopefully we all will.

Watch the fantasy here:



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4 responses to ““Save the World” – Swedish House Mafia

  1. Well, I liked the song, but I have to disagree with you on the video.

    I dunno, something about it seemed overly-simplistic, too easily setting up the world as black and white, with only good and bad guys. Does someone who’s down on his luck, and desperate enough to steal a car, deserve to be in a rollover accident that probably killed him? Especially after swerving to miss the puppies, a deed which you would think would merit a little redemption? Maybe I’m over-thinking it (it is just a three-minute music video, after all), but it just didn’t work for me…

    • So, when someone is down on their luck, we should willfully give away our cars to them? I think the car rolling over was just for effect.

      I think that’s the fantasy of this music video, that it could be clear cut, as, “hey, here’s the bad guys, go get them”. And that’s it for a fantasy. It’s not like they’re gonna have dogs chase after people who’ve committed credit card fraud. I think you are over thinking and the focus is just the dogs, just, going out and righting wrongs. And, if you listen to the lyrics a little bit, it’s a positive message.

      Yeah, maybe the guy doesn’t deserve to die for stealing a car, but it’s just a music video. He could of lived, who knows? And again, there’s no way dogs are going to save the world, it’s just a fantasy. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was that clear cut and easy?

  2. Pretty cool stuff! My daughter would love this.

  3. This is really nice! I actually just discovered Swedish House Mafia very recently myself. They’ve got a very club-like feel. I don’t know if it’s the type of music for me, but my friends definitely love it 🙂

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