Taylor Swift – Mean

Taylor Swift is probably the only country singer that I would admit to liking. Wait, I lied, Leanne Ryhmes back in the 90s was good too. Let’s just say, country music isn’t my cup of tea.

I love the messages Swift conveys with her lyrics. She is actually a good role model. Although, she dates guys WAY too old for her… but regardless, with her music, she keeps things simple, but relays good messages that I think people of all ages need to hear.

I loved her song, “Innocent” that referred to Kanye West. That was the first country song I bought. I noted the significance of the event to myself. Again, let me emphasize that I’m not a fan of country music. For that song, I saw her perform it live at the MTV VMAs where it premiered, so it was a little special to me, and the lyrics really hit me as well.

For Swift’s latest release, she goes after the bullies. It’s simple, but I love it. She sings about bullies will always be mean, and she’ll move on, and the music video reflects that idea by showing kids being picked on, and then growing up and getting good jobs and moving on with their lives. This music video and song does target high schoolers, but me, being quite far from high school, can still relate, and people are still mean out of high school, so I can still relate to the message.

You could say this song could be about West. I think Swift has already addressed the West fiasco, and has moved on. Swift is adorable, and I really like her good-hearted messages. Go girl.


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5 responses to “Taylor Swift – Mean

  1. Not a bad song. I think it takes a good approach, largely accentuating the positive. It definitely targets high-schoolers, and what you say is true: bullying never really ends. (Part of my theory of life: we never really get out of junior-high, everybody just pretends like we do.)

    Have you ever heard Kate Miller-Heike’s “Caught in the Crowd”? It’s a different take on the subject, not using the victim’s point of view but the one that most people have: the observer. It has a reflective touch that comes from getting older and looking back. (I actually like her voice better than Swift’s as well, but that’s just personal preference…)

    • That’s a good song… but I like Taylor Swift’s “Mean” better. Haha, sorry, not to demean your choice. I think it’s interesting. Kate does have a soft, sweet voice.

      I also think life is just one big high school playground, people struggling to be popular, people with ego trips, the difference is you can move away or go to another playground whenever you want.

    • Oh wow, I really liked this song. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Taylor Swift is one of the few country singers I listen to as well. I feel like her other songs were better, but this is still a good song to listen to. She’s very pretty in the video, but why is she holding the banjo(that’s a banjo right?) as if it were a bass guitar?? I’m just jealous of her long limbs and her tall built!

  3. My daughter LOVES Taylor Swift. She has really captured the hearts and minds of her followers.

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