Blast from the Past Fridays – Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams”

I heard this song, and oh, the 80s nostalgia… I love the 80s, and this song is great.

For its time, this music video was cutting edge. It was number one on the Billboard’s chart and was featured in the 80s film, License to Drive. It was also shown in Conan O’Brien’s premiere in the Tonight Show.

Happy Friday!



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7 responses to “Blast from the Past Fridays – Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams”

  1. He sounds so aggressive at the beginning of the song HEY YOU get into my car. I’m sure the parents of that girl in the video, gave her the don’t get into a car with strangers speeech but I guess she just couldn’t resist. Thanks for sharing this song, I was doing a little dance at my computer desk.

  2. ooh…such memories for me… this video was on high rotation on MTV back in the day- and it was nice to watch it now and see that I remembered not only the lyrics, but also the video! Thanks for the memories…lol!

  3. Whoa… Eighties flashback…

    What’s scary is that the moment I saw the title, the entire song started playing in my head. The. Entire. Song.

  4. Great ’80s choice! Ocean really epitomized the era.

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