Music Right Now – Britney Spears, Tinie Tempah and ABDC comes back…

What’s new? Britney Spears new music video “Till the World Ends”. The music video takes place on December 21st, 2012, apparently when the worlds ends. What does Brit do at the end of the world? Dance with her posse of dancers, that’s what! They hide underneath a sewer and just dance their brains out. I won’t ruin the end for you, you’ll have to just see it for yourself, do they survive?

Also burning up on the radio is Tinie Tempah’s feat. Eric Turner, “Written in the Stars”. I’m loving Turner’s voice, his hook/chorus is the best part of the song. I’m going to have to investigate Eric Turner and I’ll be back with my results. I think this song would be fabulous as an acoustic version…

And one of my favorite shows, America’s Best Dance Crew is back on MTV, premiering last night. I love watching great dancers and this is the best dance show on TV. Screw Dancing with the Stars, they’re not dancers, just learning to be a dancer, ABDC is young, fresh and innovative with their dances. A little off topic from my blog, but… music and dancing go hand in hand. Without music, there wouldn’t be dancing (and with out memory, there would be no music, and that’s for another blog for another day, if you wish…).

In celebration of ABDC, I will show you one of my favorite ABDC moments and another underrated show, LXD, one of my favorite episodes as well.

Beat Freaks

And I can’t embed the video for LXD, so click on this link here to watch “Robot Love Story”. Beautiful music, amazing dancing. A must-see if you enjoy dance.



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7 responses to “Music Right Now – Britney Spears, Tinie Tempah and ABDC comes back…

  1. I too plan on dancing as the world ends. Actually, it would most likely be my dancing that causes the world to end. Maybe I should just avoid dancing altogether.

    I’m bad at dancing if you didn’t get that.

  2. Huh… The apocalypse is much more like a party than I thought it would be..

  3. Tinie Tempah is H.U.G.E here in the UK… he won the most Brit Awards (UK Grammys) and has collaborated with just about everyone big on the UK music scene. It’s starting to be a bit overkill here, but I’m glad he is getting some play over there as well!

  4. I love ABDC also! And So you think you can dance? as well

  5. You need to do this for a living – your passion for music is something to behold!

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