Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, a lot like t.A.T.u’s “All the Things She Said”

Upon hearing  Katy Perry’s latest single “E.T.” I couldn’t help but be reminded of t.A.T.u’s “All the Things She Said”. Right at “0:46” when the chorus starts up, is basically the same lead into “All the Things She Said” at “0:23”.

I think there are a lot of similar chords, the basic rhythm of the song is similar and the instrumentation as well.

And just looking up these songs, apparently I’m not the only one who thought this (and here I am thinking I’m original, hah!).

The song “E.T.” is fine on its own, but I just want to go back to “All The Things She Said” because that’s still a better song. Way more catchier and apparently the inspiration for “E.T.”.

What do you think of Perry’s latest single? Let’s hope for something a little more original next time.


Here’s an acoustic mash-up I did of both of the songs. Please check it out!

Katy Perry/t.A.T.u. Cover “E.T.” and “All the Things She Said”



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16 responses to “Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, a lot like t.A.T.u’s “All the Things She Said”

    • Jem

      At 0:07 in “E.T” it reminded me of 2:43 in “All the things she said”.
      I say this because Katy Perry says “YOURS SO (hypnotizing)” the same way as T.A.T.U says “MOTHER (looking at me)”. Please reply if you also hear it.

      • Hi Jem. Yes, I do. It’s the same amount of syllables (6) and the emphasis on “mother” and “you’re so” are the same. It’s 2 syllables than a quick succession of 4 syllables. The whole song has similar notes, same key and rhythms.

  1. Crystal

    I completely AGREE! I have the cd, and although I do now enjoy E.T (I didn’t like it until it aired the radio like pavlovian’s dog), I kept hearing the chorus over and over like deja vu-and now i know why! I think most songs take snippets of other artist’s music constantly, which is considered a pastiche affect and one that falls specifically in the category of modern art. One could call it ‘copying’ or just plain ‘theft’, but I try to play Pollyanna and say they they’re doing for the trained ear and giving us what we want, but more. Like taking a cooked chicken, already prepared, and then adding something we haven’t quite tried like chocolate on top of it. 😀

    • Well,, it’s interesting because “E.T.” follows a similar arrangement to “All the Things She Said”. A similar drop before the chorus, and the post chorus, the singing is around the same range, it’s in a similar key…

      If the songwriters didn’t realize they were basically copying t.A.T.u., I wonder how they came up with this song. Because, it’s not THAT similar to sue for plagiarism. It’s just basically a similar format and a similar key and rhythm. But, it’s just so similar, the song “E.T” although good on its own, is ruined for me because I can not not think of t.A.T.u.

  2. ben

    This is a fucking rip off. it’s not even funny. if you do you remix, you say this is the remix of song blah blah. if you do a cover, you say it is a cover of the song blah blah but when you steal it so bluntly and don’t even mention the original work, that’s just low. i don’t care who you are, if you are talented or not, if you do something wrong you should come out and admit your mistake. saying i was”influenced” is not correct, influence is one thing, sounding EXACTLY the same in the songs that happen to have identical instruments is another story. It is simply not possible that katty perry just used a tune that happened to be similar bit by bit.
    This is the state of music industry in 2011: full speed toward plagiarism.

  3. And here I was thinking I was original as well for hearing that T.A.T.U. song in Katy’s Perry’s E.T.! I was just telling my husband awhile back that it sounded just like it and started singing “All the things she said” to “E.T.”!

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  5. Celda

    That’s exactly what I thought, so I started Googling and as I can see, everybody thinks that

    • Momo

      same story here! I started listening to th songs on youtube just now and then found this post, and I indeed think that tatu did a better job. ET is an ok song but not as epic as all the things she said 😉

  6. Ru

    You know, that has been bothering me ever since I first heard the Katy Perry song. I knew the chorus sounded very familiar and I even knew some of the words; but I couldn’t pin-point the song I was thinking of. It was driving me crazy and now I feel a lot better. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Paige

    Yes! Thank you! It’s been bugging me since the first time I heard it. I like E.T., but I knew it sounded all too familiar. I just couldn’t put my finger on it! So thanks again!!

  8. Nade

    I thought this as soon as I heard it and ‘ve just googled: Katy Perry ET sounds like Tatu and see others think the same. I do like the video though.

  9. Salt

    Good ear, I think the same, I just heard it 10 min and I thought it was something funny about the sound of this song and it immediately popped into mind..damn It sounds like T.AT.U….my teenage dream ;p. So it isn t just me :). Does she pay royalties to them for the inspiration? It s so pathetic thinking she can fool listeners with at least a good memory.

    • The rules for copyright infringement has changed and are a little stricter now, but I think what’s the most similar about these two songs is the key and chords used for the song. Also, the vocal range for the song is similar. There’s not really a particular melody line that is exactly the same, so it’s hard to have a case here. Usually to make a case it has to be clear the song is the same note for note for usually about four notes in a song, but that can be debated. There are similar chords, and intro to the chorus is similar as well, but one could argue that the drum beat is from Queen’s. “Rock You”…. I have not heard any news about any copyright infringement cases on this song, but that would be interesting.

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