Bubblegumgoth: Kerli – “Army of Love”

Attention Harajuku girls!

Here is your new empress! Kerli!

Kerli, born in Estonia, is signed to Island Def Jam Music Group. Her music is described as pop, electronic, gothic rock. I was drawn into the music video because of the gothic, raver, harajuku combination of senses. I’m also a sucker for white clothing. Vevo described Kerli as “bubblegumgoth”. Yes, I think this describes Kerli perfectly with her look and music. Kerli also had a single on the Almost Alice album with the song “Tea Party” for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack.

The song slowly grows on you as well. The chorus isn’t hard hitting, it’s mellow and catchy. It’s pop, it’s electro, upbeat but chill enough to have on repeat. Nothing too weird or out there, definitely can be heard in the dance music circuit. The music video is fun to watch. I love the white army, unicorns, swing, woodsy ethereal feel. I can’t help but be reminded of raves back in the 90s. The style is Harajuku, bubblegum goth, and it’s so interesting to watch.

Bubblegum goth is a type of music genre I never thought I’d report on, so please, let me know what you think of the music video and song!

Click on “Watch on YouTube” to view video



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2 responses to “Bubblegumgoth: Kerli – “Army of Love”

  1. Thanks for opening my mind to new and exciting musical possibilities!

    • I know, I’m even surprised I’m writing about this music. But, it’s pretty cool. Unfortunately this song isn’t available to download… hopefully that will be remedied soon.

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