Blast from the Past Fridays: Journey “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”

Journey’s hit single, “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” was released in February 1983 on the album Frontiers. This song also reemerged in 2010’s “Tron: Legacy” film.

They definitely don’t make 80s rock like they used to…

I love in the music video they’re all playing air instruments. Yes! All the guys huddle together, sing together and then instruments start appearing, as if by magic… ooo… And the main girl is just standing there, annoyed and pretending the band members aren’t yelling in her face. Note the drummer’s jersey says, “Foosball”. Did they have foosball leagues in the 80s? That’s rockin’!

Love the lyrics:

If he ever hurts you

True love won’t desert you

I rock out every time I hear this song. And you will rock out too. Happy Friday!


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