LMFAO’s New Music Video “Party Rock”

Universal Music Group released LMFAO’s latest music video, “Party Rock” today.

A dance anthem, while the song itself it nothing that new or different from their previous work, the music video itself amused me greatly.

See, I’m fascinated with zombies, any zombie movie, TV shows like The Walking Dead, etc. This music video starts off parodying the movie, “28 Days Later”, a great zombie movie, where LMFAO awake in a hospital, realize no one is around and venture outside to see someone dancing. They soon find out that there is an infectious dancing virus, and they must play along. I thought it was a clever idea to parody a zombie movie. So, the song itself, I’m sure it’ll make it into the clubs, maybe even radio, but I think the song will be forgotten quite quickly, but the music video is something different and fun.



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3 responses to “LMFAO’s New Music Video “Party Rock”

  1. I actually met these guys! They stayed at “my hotel” last year with their crew. Not bad guys, all in all.

  2. Kim

    It’s weird that I’m only allowed to watch it on youtube :S

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