Brendan James- The Lucky Ones

Author’s Note: I wanted to say, that this past weekend was very interesting, I saw a huge jump in viewers on Saturday and Sunday. So, thanks for checking out this blog and remember to subscribe! The past two days I’ve been quite busy, meetings with other musicians, producers, and I have another meeting today. I wanted to get a quick post out, so here it is…

This song came out a few months ago, in September 2010, so I’m a bit late in reporting this song. However, I was reminded of this song in a movie trailer, “How Do You Know?” and I thought I should write about it. Itunes featured this song as a free song, I usually don’t troll around looking for free songs on iTunes, although, this song stuck out for me.

Brendan James is a New York based singer-songwriter.

The lyrics are good and descriptive:

City lights, as far as I can see…

With our hearts in our hands like loaded guns, we’re taking a chance, we’re the lucky ones

Check out the song here:



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2 responses to “Brendan James- The Lucky Ones

  1. Not usually my cup of tea, but it did a satisfactory job of evoking thoughts of a place beyond these four office walls.

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