Oscar Snubs: Music That Should Have Won

If you were one of the few watching the Oscars last night, did you agree with who won for Best Original Song and Best Original score?

For Best Original Song, Randy Newman won with, “We Belong Together” from “Toy Story 3”. It was his second Academy Award out of twenty nominations. It’s a nice song, but I felt Dido’s “I Rise” from “127 Hours” deserved the win. I felt like it was for one, a more original song, and two a very haunting song. It has a World Music feel and I found it very beautiful.

Also nominated was “I See the Light” from “Tangled” and “Coming Home” from “Country Strong”. Both decent songs, although I thought “I Rise” was the strongest song.

As for Best Original Score, wow. I really thought Hans Zimmer with “Inception” should have won that one. I was also disappointed that Daft Punk’s “Tron: Legacy” film score wasn’t nominated for Best Original Score, because if we’re going to go with experimental film scores like “The Social Network” then “Tron: Legacy” should have  at least contended with the others, because it was a brilliant film soundtrack and it was completely original and different from film scores past. Plus, that soundtrack was a huge reason many people saw “Tron: Legacy” at all.

The “Inception” soundtrack was quite brilliant, as Zimmer brought a threatening and hovering weariness to the movie. There was sadness and beauty and I felt like the emotions conjured by “Inception’s” film score were more vast than “The Social Network” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. I can see why “The Social Network” won, it was a good score, no doubt about it, but I felt “Inception” was simply better.

This song I thought was amazing, beautiful and heartbreaking. If you don’t feel anything hearing this, you must be deaf.

Also nominated were “How to Train Your Dragon”, “The King’s Speech”, and “127 Hours”. Out of those, I’ve only heard “How to Train Your Dragon” and I felt there was some quite exquisite music in that film as well, and I’m glad it got nominated.

I have to say, this song from “How to Train Your Dragon” REALLY pulls on my heartstrings. If you have not seen this movie, SEE IT! Right at “0:44” minutes when the bells start in, boy! That is just so beautiful to me. There is such an innocence that is portrayed by the instruments used in this song. Innocence in music or story always gets the best of me.

Also, I have to insert “Tron:Legacy” in here as well.

What were your favorite film scores? Who do you think should have won?



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6 responses to “Oscar Snubs: Music That Should Have Won

  1. You’re spot-on with your picks. Good job!

  2. I agree that the 127 hours song is hauntingly beautiful… and no wonder about the world music feel with A.R. Rahman… but I don’t think it is gripping or unique enough to have to deserved the win. I agree that the Inception soundtrack was amazing, but technically it was just an extremely innovative/brilliant rip-off of Edith Piaf.

    • snadge

      @ westwood – what are you on about? he used that track as a part IN the movie, it is not part of the soundtrack that he was up for oscar for!
      Dream Is Collapsing and Time are the main tracks that make up the soundtrack

      • snadge

        ..sorry, I meant that the Director used that Edith Piaf track as a part in the movie and has nothing to do with Hans Zimmer’s Soundtrack

  3. How to Train Your Dragon has a beautiful soundtrack, I wanted it to win… but yeah Inception soundtrack is also stunning.

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