Ke$ha New Music Video – Blow

No mythological creatures were harmed in the making of this video

Yeah, I never thought I’d post about Ke$ha, I’m not a fan of her work much at all. Yeah, some catchy songs, but you wouldn’t catch me bumping her latest in my car down Los Feliz.

Or have I spoken too soon?

Just checked out her latest on Vevo, “Blow”. This music video is a must-see. It’s funny. There’s human unicorns, and the most random music video hunk, James Van Der Beek. My favorite part is when he pulls a bra out of his shirt. Yes, it’s that weird and laugh out loud funny. The song itself? Pretty simple, but danceable. If you like Ke$ha, you’ll like this, I like it because it’s a good dance song. Simple chorus, but fun. I think this song and video are quite different for this artist than her past work. It’s an entertaining and very original video. It’s humorous and odd ball. Perhaps she’s graduating onto becoming a more entertaining singer? I think if Ke$ha keeps it up, she might become more relevant than being known as a young dance singer. I also think James Van Der Beek is a sport for being made fun of.



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2 responses to “Ke$ha New Music Video – Blow

  1. I probably would never have seen this video without stumbling on your post, so thanks for sharing it! Blow is a funny video- love the combo of James Van Der Beek and the human unicorns! I have heard the song on the radio recently and think it’s pretty catchy. Ke$ha does have an odd sense of humor doesn’t she?

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