Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Hey all, sorry I’ve been MIA this weekend. Here’s the latest in music…

Adele is an artist I keep hearing from other people. She is definitely an artist with a word of mouth buzz about her.

Adele has an amazing voice. Soulful, precise, and begs to be heard more. If you’re looking for an old school song, this song “Rolling in the Deep” has 50s elements and I have to say some of the back-up vocals has a Bee-Gees feel to it. The syncopated, throbbing beat is accompanied with clapping with a driving feel.

The music video itself is beautiful. I love seeing the shot glasses moving to the beat of the music, and seeing the soldier/dancer in the sand. Ooo. Very beautiful, I could watch that throughout the whole music video. The lyrics are great too. Check this one out for sure.





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