Taio Cruz- I Can Be

I heard of Taio Cruz a while back before he exploded into the American music scene with “Break Your Heart”. I was listening to some of his other songs on YouTube such as: “She’s Just like a Star”. “I Just Wanna Know” and “I Can Be”.

There was actually a music video for “I Can Be” and then the record label took it down. The music video was set against a white backdrop, and it had a space theme, like as if Taio was traveling across space. It fit the song very well, and there were images of musicians playing the violins, etc. I thought “I Can Be” is a great song, because the lyrics are very positive. Yeah, maybe a little cheesy and hoakie, but I think people need to be more positive nowadays anyways.

I don’t really think it would hurt anyone to repeat these kinds of lyrics:

“See I can be anything I want to be
All I have to do is put my mind to it and I can do it
So what I want you to do is put your fist to the sky and say it with me:

I can be bigger bigger, stronger stronger, harder harder
Yes, I can be bigger bigger, stronger stronger, harder harder “

It was funny, because I was talking about Taio Cruz months before he made it big in the U.S. I just knew he was a European artist with Island Universal Music Group, and I like that record label a lot. They have other artists that I like a lot as well, and speaking about it, I will list these artists in future posts.

I think “I Can Be” is underrated and I hope this song gets more attention… but knowing American audiences, probably won’t happen. Sex is selling big right now, and that’s what the majors look for, whatever sells.

Another new Taio Cruz music video I like is “Higher” with Kylie Minogue.


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