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Poll: How Do You Find New Music?

Writing my last blog, I was thinking about various ways of finding new music, and I wanted to pose that question to you. How do you find new music? Click on the link below and let me know and I will talk about the results in a later blog.

How do you find new music?


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New Year, New Music

In the search of music, where does one go?

Out to live shows? Search through music videos? Look up collaborations?

I’m always looking for new music, something to get inspired and excited over.

I recently saw a show with Sister Crayon and Little Dragon at the Los Angeles National History Museum for First Fridays. Not knowing any of these bands, I was game to check out what they were all about. Sister Crayon is an indie electro band from Sacramento, being myself hailing from the Bay Area, I already have an affinity to Nor Cal bands. Although, Sister Crayon did rock out. The lead singer, sweaty with intensity from her performance, stole the show and showed heavy emotion, while admitting she was under the weather. Under the weather or not, emotion was felt and I was hooked.

Lots of synths and a solid drumbeat accompanied the swaying lead singer. Way better live, and this video I posted was my favorite song. This song was way better live and more intense. Oh, and Little Dragon? They were, ok, I wasn’t a fan. They were more commercial, but they just didn’t hook me like Sister Crayon did.

Looking through pop artists on Vevo I stumbled upon a UK artist, Paloma Faith. At first, I was like, oh no, not that kind of voice again. Reminiscent of Duffy, but this video was refreshing, colorful, and as the instruments start layering into the song, I bit into this bubblegum pop with pleasure. This song has a bit of a 1940s-50s feel.

And remembering another artist I meant to buy music off of iTunes, I looked up Ashley Wallbridge. Trance music, and one of my favorites that I purchased was Chimera (Dark Edit).  A lot of his songs are similar, but still intriguing. I like the voice synths. It reminds me of a fantasy 80s movie.

That’s some new music for the moment. Enjoy.

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