Music This Minute

What am I listening to right now? Well, it jumps around from what I feel like. A little anguish and frustration, so 30 Seconds to Mars “Hurricane” and “Search and Destroy” and “Alibi” fit that feeling pretty well.

When I first heard this song “Parachute”, I heard it from a European singer Cheryl Cole. I wasn’t really a fan of it. I really liked her song, “Fight for this Love”. I just didn’t like the song that much. I was disappointed after liking “Fight for this Love” so much.

But then I heard Ingrid Michaelson’s version. I wasn’t really feeling it at first, being disappointed from Cheryl Cole’s version, but then I really started to dig it. Turns out, Ingrid Michaelson wrote the song for Cheryl Cole and then released it herself. The way Michaelson sings it, was the true version of the song.

And since I was downloading her version of “Parachute” I went ahead and got “Breakable”.

I was also listening to Enrique Iglesia’s “Tonight I’m Loving You” or the naughty version. Eh. It’s funny how I think back to how Madonna had music videos that were banned for being too racy, and now? Oh boy. Now you can get away with anything, especially if you’re a man. 30 Seconds to Mars with their director’s cut of “Hurricane” and Enrique’s naughty videos are borderline softcore porn. Do I think it’s bad? Yes and no. I think children shouldn’t see it, and these videos online isn’t helping anyone. But, I do believe in freedom of expression. And I think at the end of the day, it’s art and I enjoy art and understand that it’s art.

2011 is an interesting year for music videos. I liked how Lady Gaga brought back the music video and artists are being creative again.

Well, I’ll be posting the next interesting music video I come across. Thanks for reading.


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