Girl Power- Female Music Videos

Wow, just took a first look at “Lights”  by Ellie Goulding. Amazing video. The song is great too. (and look for a blog covering this artist soon…).

Also just premiering is Jessie J’s new music video feat. B.o.B. I didn’t like her previous music video “Do it Like a Dude”. “Price Tag” has something to say, and it is a beautiful video as well.

I’ve also been in love with this music video by Medina. She just looks like a Greek goddess with such a unique look. I love this video. I love the club scenes, the bedroom scenes, the alley scenes. It’s its own mini-drama. The lighting is amazing too. It’s also sexy. This is the Dash Berlin remix, and the other remixes are definitely worth a listen (also Deadmau5 remixed this song).

What do you think?



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3 responses to “Girl Power- Female Music Videos

  1. I was only able to see the “You & I” video. Interesting but not really what I listen to on a regular basis.

    • Just double click on the Vevo YouTube videos to watch the other ones. You will have to watch those videos on another tab. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow embedding for Vevo videos.

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