Jakalope “Witness” & Shontelle “Perfect Nightmare” Music Videos

I know this music video is random as hell. Jakalope is a Canadian pop/electronica band. I stumbled upon this video looking through music videos on Vevo. At first I had flashbacks of Aqua (remember “Barbie Girl”?), although when the chorus kicked in, I liked it.

I feel like the song could use a lot of re-vamping. The rapping verses just don’t work at all. Right when the chorus jumps in, the song gets interesting and very catchy.

I basically know nothing about this band, but I thought the video was intriguing. I like the witch trial and Snow White references. If the verses were re-done, I’d say it could be a potential hit.

Another music video that I wanted to post was Shontelle’s “Perfect Nightmare”.

I like the boxing theme, and the song itself starts off slow, then picks up into a dance/ballad. I remember it stayed up on the Vevo Top 10 charts for a bit a couple of months ago. I think Shontelle deserves some more recognition and I hope she continues with strong songs and climbs up the charts.


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