Indie Artists to Check out

I’ve been meaning to do a blog of indie artists that I feel deserve some more recognition, or at least, worthy of a short snippet listen on iTunes which could potentially lead to more.

Kim DiVine’s album “Square One” is an album that is mellow, think of Ingrid Michaelson or Lisa Loeb. Singer/songwriter type of music with a good production, soothing voice and overall calming effect. The best song is “All Night”, other great contenders are: “Raining”, “Little Things”, “We Could” and “Letting Go”. Last I heard, her music was circulating the college radio network.

Check her out here:

Another similar mellow artist with a slight John Mayer vibe is Brent Cates. Mellow music, good driving music and the guitar playing keeps the listener hooked. My favorite songs from the album “Wasted Words” are “She’ll Do” and ” Back to Me”.

Check out his album on iTunes here:

All right, those are my spotlights for the moment, I’ll be back with more indie artists to report on, stay tuned.



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3 responses to “Indie Artists to Check out

  1. Thanks for all your comments!
    Your blog seems really cool and the best part is that it’s clear how much you love what you do as well as how much you know about it and how hard you work to be good at it.
    Keep being a smart strong lady in a field full of men. I like the idea of building a sort of network across the country of strong females doing what they love and kicking butt at it.
    So keep doing what you love! And keep kicking butt at it. And if you start to forget how awesome you are, I’m right here.

  2. thejourneywithnoend

    Love the internet to find new people, art, and things that help us to express who we are…


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